Materials with DNA memory

A DNA-based method for embedding data in materials enables the conversion of everyday objects into data storage devices

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  • Building a Business |

    A detailed look at the economic impact of university-licensed life science startups across the United States reveals vast differences in the effectiveness of different regions to create ventures and sustain them as viable entities.

    • Paul C. Godfrey
    • , Gove N. Allen
    •  & David Benson
  • News & Views |

    In a step toward nanopore sequencing of proteins, an aerolysin pore discriminates many of the proteinogenic amino acids.

    • Stefan Howorka
    •  & Zuzanna S. Siwy
  • News Feature |

    The biopharmaceutical industry’s positive regulatory momentum carried on through 2019, despite an early-year government shutdown, a data manipulation scandal around a high-profile approval, and many months without permanent leadership at the FDA.

    • Chris Morrison
  • News & Views |

    Engineering perishable crops for use in indoor farms promises to expand the adoption of this high-yielding, efficient means of food production.

    • Cathryn A. O’Sullivan
    • , C. Lynne McIntyre
    • , Ian B. Dry
    • , Susan M. Hani
    • , Zvi Hochman
    •  & Graham D. Bonnett

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