Aims & Scope

Water is at the heart of human civilization. Throughout history, societies have progressed by improving access to clean water for drinking, for sanitation and for agriculture, and by removing contaminants from water to reduce the effects on the environment and improve public health. Our modern society faces new challenges that require innovative approaches to our relationship with water: climate change affects water systems by increasing droughts and floods, which in turn reduce water availability, increase contamination of water resources and eventually affect both drinking and sanitation facilities; and the rising global population generates more stress on water resources and challenges for public health. 
Publishing monthly, Nature Water covers all aspects of research that are connected to this evolving relationship between society and water resources. We publish in the natural sciences (primarily Earth and environmental science), in engineering (including environmental, civil, chemical and materials engineering), and in the social sciences (economics, human geography and sociology, among other disciplines), with a particular interest in regards to interdisciplinary research. Our aim is to publish studies that will have an impact on fundamental understanding,  on practical technological applications and on the potential for policy implementation.
Beyond primary research, Nature Water publishes a variety of commissioned articles and opinion pieces, including Editorials, Comments, Perspective and Review articles.
Topics covered in the journal include, but are not limited to

  • Water resources science
  • Hydrology
  • Climate change effects on water resources
  • Water pollution monitoring
  • Analysis of contaminants
  • Ecotoxicology in water
  • Water and soil nexus
  • Pollution remediation
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Desalination
  • Large water infrastructure
  • Water for industrial usage
  • Climate change reliance and adaptation of water infrastructure
  • Sanitation infrastructure
  • Behavioural aspects of water and sanitation
  • Water and public health
  • Water epidemiology
  • Water immunology  
  • Water governance
  • Water management
  • Storm–water management
  • Water distribution
  • Water availability
  • Water security
  • Water and sanitation economics
  • Water and sanitation policy
  • Water and sanitation justice