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Our septemebr issue includes, among others, articles on sanitation, lithium recovery, desalination, water stress in Amazonia, open-source turbidity and depth sensors for sediments in rivers 


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    In the special event of the Nature Water Talks series, we’ll talk to two researchers who strive to reach out to wide audiences. Fabio Pulizzi will ask Peter Gleick (author of "The three ages of water") and Giulio Boccaletti (author of "Water, a biography") about their vision for the future of water based on what we have learned from history, and the excitement and challenges of writing books

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    The UN 2023 Water Conference will be held in New York on March 22-24, 2023, To highlight the importance of research and scientific evidence in addressing the water-related challenges, we present a new compilation of research articles from across the Nature Portfolio that corresponds to the dialogue themes of the conference.

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    Ahead of the first global conference on water in almost 50 years, held on March 22-24, Karin Sjöstrand from Nat Water spoke to Quentin Grafton (Australian National University), Joyeeta Gupta (University of Amsterdam), John Matthews (AGWA), and Rachael McDonnell (IWMI) about expectations of this global event and about challenges and opportunities on the road ahead

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