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  • 7 reasons why STEM recruiters use content marketing

    • 9 Nov 2023

    Talent acquisition professionals increasingly find themselves acting like marketers. The modern-day job candidate is just like a customer.

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    Create an engaging employer profile

    • 31 Oct 2023
    • Alison Price

    As jobseekers will check out your employer profile and website before applying for a role, it's important to make a strong and impressive impact at first glance.

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    Getting more response to your job listings

    • 20 Oct 2023
    • Alison Price

    Driving lots of response to open roles can sometimes be challenging. So to make sure you can achieve what you need, we've collated some practical suggestions to support you writing your job ad.

  • Free course: Research Integrity - Publication Ethics

    • 5 Oct 2023

    Integrity and ethics are uncompromisable values and lie at the heart of every research paper; for this reason, this course is made free for the public to access. 

  • What stops scientists from applying for roles?

    What stops scientists from applying for roles?

    • 26 Sep 2023

    A major obstacle for all jobseekers in the application process, including scientists, is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization.

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    The ins and outs of advertising scientific roles on our jobs board

    • 23 Aug 2023
    • Alison Price

    Details on why it makes good sense to advertise your open scientific roles with us. And what the different ad packages offer you - and the benefits of them.

  • Supercharge Your Science Employer Brand with These 4 Simple Steps

    • 23 May 2023

    Discover 4 simple strategies for building a strong science employer brand with Nature Careers – helping you to attract and retain talented researchers.

  • Nature Index

    • 27 Apr 2023
    • Simon Baker

    Nature Index is an open database of author affiliations and institutional relationships based on contributions to research articles published in 82 high-quality natural-science journals.

  • 7 Benefits of a Strong Science Employer Brand

    • 25 Apr 2023

    For science employers, building a strong employer brand gives researchers a clearer picture of who you are, what you stand for, and what a career with you could look like.

  • Upload Your CV

    • 13 Apr 2023

    Whether you are actively looking for a new job or would just like to see what jobs are on offer, having an up-to-date CV is a great idea so you can move quickly.

  • Nature Masterclasses course on “Getting an academic research position”

    • 11 Apr 2023

    ​​​​​​​“Getting an academic research position” is Nature Masterclasses’ newest on-demand course.

  • Accessibility


    • 22 Mar 2023

    Ensuring that science recruitment and job search is accessible to all

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    • 14 Mar 2023

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  • Career resources for PhD students

    Career resources for PhD students

    • 6 Mar 2023

    The PhD is used to train most research scientists around the world and provides evidence of a gruelling period of independent study. But critics say many graduate student programmes have not adapted to accommodate changes in the workplace. Do PhDs need a rethink? This collection of articles and resources from across Nature Research looks at the PhD from a range of different perspectives.

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    • 21 Feb 2023

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