Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral Position

The Dahlman Lab at Georgia Tech & Emory School of Medicine

Atlanta, GA, United States

Needed: A post-doc to combine viral gene therapy with DNA barcoded nanoparticles

The Dahlman Lab at Georgia Tech and Emory School of Medicine ( is pioneering the use of DNA barcoded nanoparticles for siRNA, mRNA, and Cas9 therapies. For the first time, we can evaluate how thousands of different nanoparticles deliver RNA and DNA drugs in animals, instead of evaluating them in cell culture. Since starting as a brand-new lab in 2016, 8 DNA barcoding / gene editing / gene therapy papers in JACS, PNAS, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, and other journals have been published. With the lab now having grown to ~15 people, papers are currently under review at Cell, Nature Nano, Scientific American, and others. In the last 2.5 years, the lab has generated hundreds of thousands of in vivo gene therapy data points; this scale of data generation is new to nanomedicine. For example, the heatmap below depicts ~8,000 in vivo drug delivery data points generated from a single experiment. Using bioinformatics pipelines, these data are used to develop new Cas9 therapies.

We are hiring a post-doc with a background in capsid shuffling and AAV libraries. This post-doc will work on a brand new, highly translational, project. The first goal will be to quickly generate several high-quality publications. Training will be provided in efficient experimental design, aimed at maximum publishable data generation/unit of effort. Most recently, a former Ph.D. student in the lab published and submitted 14 papers (PNAS, JACS, etc.) in their first 2.5 years. Furthermore, this position will provide experience in Biotechnology startup creation and developing relationships with leading industry partners interested in translating projects to direct clinical applications.

This is a unique opportunity. First, you will be a member of an exciting, diverse, and interdisciplinary group. Second, you will learn about nanoparticle DNA barcoding, which combines high throughput chemistry, nanoparticle characterization, RNA therapies, Cas9, and genomics. Third, you will be working in a cutting-edge field (gene therapies). Finally, the Georgia Tech and Emory Medical School Department of Biomedical Engineering is ranked #3 and #2 for undergraduate and graduate studies, respectively. Located in Atlanta, a thriving city with major cultural, professional, and athletic institutions, the standard salary goes much farther here than in New York, Boston, and San Francisco. Nicknamed the ‘city in a forest,’ Atlanta offers great food, music, breweries, hiking, biking, weather, and other attractions. Finally, the Dahlman Lab is a supportive and inclusive environment; we care deeply about all our lab members, independent of their background, experiences, preferences, or beliefs.

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Postdoctoral Position