12 doctoral (PhD) student positions associated to the doc.fund Molecular Metabolism (MOBILES)

12 doctoral (PhD) student positions associated to the doc.fund Molecular Metabolism (MOBILES)

doc.fund Molecular Metabolism (MOBILES) - University of Graz

Graz, Austria

International Ph.D. Program doc.fund MOLECULAR METABOLISM (MOBILES)


Open Call for 12 Doctoral Student Positions at the University of Graz, Austria


Doc.funds are Ph.D. education programs supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF.


The international doc.fund Ph.D. program “MOLECULAR METABOLISM” (MOBILES) aims to provide outstanding scientific training to exceptional young scientists in different areas of the molecular biosciences, including biochemistry, microbiology, infection biology, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, structural biology and biophysics.


Students in the doc.fund “MOLECULAR METABOLISM” program will research diet- and age-related changes in metabolism, regulation of lipid metabolism and bacterial modulators of metabolism. The broad expertise of our consortium offers diverse model organisms [bacteria, yeast, cell culture, fly & mouse, (BYCFM)], or combinations thereof, to best address basic and clinically relevant research questions.

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Applicants should hold a Masters degree (or receive their Masters degree during summer/fall of 2019) in biological sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, structural biology and biophysics, or a related discipline.


For more detailed information about the doc.fund “MOLECULAR METABOLISM”, objectives, faculty, laboratories and application procedure please see



Please send your application to docfund.mobiles@uni-graz.at.


Selected candidates for doc.fund “MOLECULAR METABOLISM” will be invited to interview in Graz, Austria, June 17-18, 2019.


Applications to the program must be received on or before May, 5th 2019.


We are looking forward to your application,

the doc.fund “MOLECULAR METABOLISM” (MOBILES) faculty


Monika Oberer (Speaker)                Stefan Schild (Vice-Speaker)

Ronald Kühnlein                               Frank Madeo

Brigitte Pertschy                               Ulrich Stelzl

Klaus Zangger                                  Ellen Zechner

Rudolf Zechner                                 Robert Zimmermann


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12 doctoral (PhD) student positions associated to the doc.fund Molecular Metabolism (MOBILES)