PhD Position in Biological Oceanography/Marine Biology

PhD Position in Biological Oceanography/Marine Biology

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Odense M, Denmark

The Department of Biology at SDU is looking for a PhD candidate with an MSc degree in Biological Oceanography or Marine Biology who should be experienced in marine ecology, food web ecology, fish and jellyfish biology. Special focus lays on analysing different food web compartments (from phyto- and microzooplankton to marine nekton) with the help of analysing biomolecules such as stable isotopes and fatty acids. By applying both mesocosm studies and sea-going research we hope to gain a holistic view on factors contributing to the jellyfish bloom and the extent of fish-jellyfish interactions.

The successful candidate will assist a scientific team consisting of GoJelly partners (SDU, GEOMAR, Hamburg University, NTNU Norway, Haifa Uni. in Israel, NIB in Slovenia) in coordinating and conducting food web sampling. She/he should take care of organisation of sampling in different EU water bodies as well as of transport and lab analyses. Joint research cruises and in partner countries is a special task that needs to be fulfilled. In addition, set-ups of jellyfish aquacultures (as well as maintaining feed cultures of algae and copepods) and analysing the ecological data on jellyfish-fish interactions needs to be performed by the candidate.

Fluent knowledge (spoken and written) of the English language and preferably German (due to the cruises that are mainly on German vessels).

Deadline: 26 April 2019.

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