Professor in Medical Cell Biology

Professor in Medical Cell Biology

University of Gothenburg, Institue of Biomedicine

Gothenburg, Sweden

Professor in Medical Cell Biology

The Institute of Biomedicine has a broad and extensive involvement in both research and education. In both of these areas, our focus is with fundamental knowledge of the living cell – what it consists of, how it works, how its function is directed by the genetic material, and how it interacts with various kinds of micro-organisms. Using this knowledge, we try to elucidate the causes of diseases, and find new ways to diagnose and treat them. More information about our department and our research can be found on our home page:

Subject area

Medical Cell Biology

Subject area description

Cell Biology is the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of the cell. Medical Cell Biology is the branch of Cell Biology that studies processes of medical relevance.

Job assignments

We seek a professor that can develop an internationally competitive research program within the field of medical cell biology. The exact research subject may vary, but there should be a clear focus on cell biology and scientific questions of high medical relevance. The successful candidate should have a strong scientific track record and a proven ability to perform scientific collaborations. Potential to attract external funding is expected, and a record of successful funding is also required for the appointment.

Responsibilities also include research and graduate education in medical cell biology. The successful candidate will also contribute to our undergraduate education, e.g. histology, molecular cell biology and pathology. The holder is also expected to perform other duties normally associated with a professorship, such as administrative tasks, internal and external positions of trust, and also to represent the subject nationally and internationally.


The qualifications for academic positions are given in Chapter 4, Section 3 – 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Demonstrated scientific and pedagogical skills.


Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for academic positions are given in Chapter 4, Section 3 – 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

The first assessment criterion is scientific skills. In the assessment of scientific skills, special emphasis will be placed on the scientific work within the field of medical cell biology, the quality and originality of the scientific work, the ability to plan and lead research, the ability to conduct graduate education, as well as ability to communicate research with the surrounding society. Important merits will be ability to perform scientific collaboration and to attract external funding in national or international competition.

The second assessment criterion will be pedagogical skills. In the assessment of pedagogical skills, emphasis is placed on experience in planning, conducting, and evaluating education, including supervision and examination.

For the position, administrative skills, experience of interaction with the surrounding community, and ability to cooperate will also be evaluated.

The successful applicant who has not undergone the University teaching staff training courses at the University of Gothenburg is expected to complete such educational training courses or to have equivalent qualifications from another University validated within the first year of employment.


The employment is a full time permanent post and is located at The Institute of Biomedicine. First day of employment is by agreement.

Appointment procedure

  • Competence review of the applicant’s documents after the closing date
  • Applicants’ documents are sent to external experts for assessment
  • The recruitment will be dealt with in The Academic Appointments Board of Sahlgrenska Academy
  • The Academic Appointments Board proposes candidates
  • Assessment and recognition of qualifications in teaching and learning in higher education of the proposed candidate’s
  • The recruitment is handled by the Vice-Chancellor for a decision

For further information:

Claes Gustafsson, Vice head of research, Institute of Biomedicin, University of Gothenburg. 
Phone:+46 31 7863826


Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg:

How to apply

In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to register an account in our online recruitment system. Applications must follow the layout of the recommendations for the Sahlgrenska Academy for applications for teaching positions:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the qualifications registered in the application. Please note in particular that the following documents must accompany the application:

- PhD certificate (in Swedish or English)
- A maximum of 10 selected scientific publications that the applicant wants to refer to (in full text)
- Documentation of supervision of PhD students, post doc students 
- Other certificates /proof /rating proving the applicant’s qualifications

Any documents that are not available in electronic format should be mailed in three copies to:

University of Gothenburg
The Sahlgrenska Academy
Box 400
SE 405 30 Göteborg

The reference number of the application, PAR 2018/1527, should be clearly stated when mailing complementary documents.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.