CryoEM Staff Scientist

CryoEM Staff Scientist

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Ashburn, VA, United States

Job Description


The HHMI CryoEM Shared Resource at Janelia Research Campus is a world class shared cryoEM facility with a large and diverse user base. It serves the entire HHMI community for cutting-edge research in structural biology. The facility currently hosts two highly-configured Titan Krios microscopes equipped with energy filter and K2/K3 cameras and is undergoing an exciting expansion phase. An Aquilos cryo FIB-SEM is being installed, a Chameleon cryogrids preparation system has been ordered and a 3rd Krios microscope with a pre-GIF Falcon 3 camera and a post-GIF K3 camera will be delivered this coming June.

The main function of the facility is 1) high-throughput high quality data collection on user-provided ready-to-image cryo grids and 2) collaborating with labs that provide solution samples to cover the entire cryoEM workflow from sample calibration, cryo grids preparation/screening all the way to high resolution 3D electron density map generation. The facility is now seeking candidates to fill a CryoEM staff scientist position. Compensation will be competitive based on experience. There is no pre-defined term limit on the length of the employment.



  • Help maintain and operate various equipment and generate data on user-provided cryo grids.
  • Take a leading role in collaboration projects from sample preparation to data collection and image processing
  • Participate in or initiate method developments
  • Interact closely with users and collaborators
  • Properly handle various samples and help maintain and transfer data



  • Good team player, enjoying an open, collaborative and mutually respecting team environment
  • Motivated to learn new tools/technologies and to take on new challenges
  • Willing to develop/test new methods/techniques
  • Good communication and people skills and enjoy interacting with various users/collaborators
  • Experiences in cryo electron microscopy, particularly cryo FIB-SEM and cryo tomography
  • Good knowledge and practical skills with computers and networks


HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Required Skills

Required Experience

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)-hhmi-971-908