Post Doctoral Fellow

Post Doctoral Fellow

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

The Department of Biology at the United Arab Emirates (UAEU) is seeking applications for a full-time postdoctoral fellow or research associate position in population genetics/genomics of wildlife populations. The 2-year position and research project is supported by a UAEU Startup Grant. The successful candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Oliver Manlik.

Project: In this study we will use modern genetic and/or genomic tools to assess population structure, gene flow and dispersal of local vertebrate populations in the UAE and other regions of the species’ distribution. Additionally, we will use genetic tools to resolve taxonomic uncertainty of animal species/populations in the UAE. We will also characterize selectively neutral and adaptive genetic diversity of the major histocompatibility complex of wild populations with the objective of assessing local adaptation and offering conservation guidance. Some of the target species of this study include the locally endangered humpback dolphins and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, the vulnerable Socotra cormorants (endemic to the Gulf region), and fish species.
The candidate for the position should have relevant experience, sills and a strong interests related to the above project and the responsibilities outlined below:
• Assist in collection of biopsy samples
• Maintain the laboratory; purchase equipment and consumables
• Conduct standard molecular lab work, including DNA extraction, quantification, gel electrophoresis, PCR, DNA sequencing (Sanger & next-gen sequencing).
• Conduct population genetics/genomics analyses
• Assist in supervising/mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in the lab
• Prepare manuscripts for publication in top-ranked, peer-reviewed scientific journals

The salary will be approximately 7000 to 8333 AED (ca. $ 1900 to 2200) per month for 2 years. There may be opportunities to obtain additional funding (but no guarantees).
1. A PhD in population genetics, genomics, molecular ecology, evolutionary ecology or related field in biology (for postdoc position);
2. Proficiency conducting standard molecular laboratory work, including DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis and sequence analysis
3. Experience with population genetics or evolutionary genetic analyses

1. Experience amplifying, sequencing and analyzing major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes

2. Experience with next-generation sequencing techniques, especially Illumina HiSeq or MiSeq, including library preps
3. Experience with population genomics analyses
4. Experience with genomics, including ddRAD sequencing, genome assembly
5. Experience surveying and collecting biopsy samples from marine mammals


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Post Doctoral Fellow