Associate Director Position at the “Center for Relativistic Laser Science” of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

Associate Director Position at the “Center for Relativistic Laser Science” of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

Daejeon, Korea, South

IBS invites applicants for the position of two Associate Directors, one in experimental plasma physics and the other in attosecond science, who are senior-level researchers with high research potentials and are able to run his or her own research group in collaboration with the director of the Research Center.

1. Introduction of the research center
Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS), directed by Prof. Chang Hee Nam, is one of the research centers established at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) by Institute for Basic Science as an IBS campus center. CoReLS explores relativistic laser-matter interactions and attosecond science using the PW laser facility, operating two PW laser beamlines with outputs of 4 PW and 1 PW at 20 fs, and several high repetition rate femtosecond high power lasers. Major research topics pursued with the PW lasers cover physics of superintense laser-matter interactions, laser-driven particle acceleration, strong field quantum electrodynamics, and laboratory astrophysics. In addition, the attosecond science group works on ultrafast atomic and molecular dynamics, ultrafast phenomena in nanostructures and single-shot temporal characterization of optical waveforms.

2. Job description
- An associate director plays an important role in achieving the goals of the research center by working closely with the director as well as directing his or her own research group within the center. (i) The specific field of research solicited for the associate director in experimental laser-plasma physics is strong field physics explored with PW lasers, including laser-driven particle acceleration of electrons and protons/ions, strong field quantum electrodynamics, and laboratory astrophysics. (ii) The research area for the associate director in attosecond science covers ultrafast optical science in atoms, molecules, plasmas, and nanostructures, along with the generation and characterization of attosecond pulses in non-relativistic and relativistic regimes.

- Applicants should have a strong record of scholarly achievements at the national and international level, a significant record of securing research fund, and evidence of leadership ability in his/her research field.
- The candidates must have experience managing a large research program and staff within an academic institution (or equivalent agency responsible for research) and be able to articulate a strong vision to further the research and outreach programs in IBS.
- The successful candidates should be able to acquire a faculty position at GIST.

3. Requirements for the position
- All candidates must be able to commit completely to IBS research activities in a long-term.
- All candidates must be able to manage their respective research group.
- The candidate should be recognized as one of leaders in the international community of his or her research field.
- The candidate of an associate director must be fluent enough with the relevant scientific and policy issues to be a highly credible representative of the Center among audiences ranging from the general public to the uppermost levels of scientists and policymakers. The position calls for vision, breadth, and good judgment; proven intellectual leadership skills; a keen sense of public policy, as well as demonstrated financial and staff management experience.

4. Offer
- Authority to run his/her own research team, while collaborating with other groups at the center.
- Dual appointment as an associate director at IBS and a faculty at GIST.
- Very competitive salary

5. General Selection Procedure
①Recruitment of applicants by public advertisement
②Selection of candidates for in-depth evaluation
③Symposium and in-depth interview by review panel
④Decision by the SEC about recommendation
⑤Negotiation with director
⑥Appointment by the president

6. Application Submission
- Please fill out the ‘Application Form’ in English and email it as a single PDF file to no later than April 12th, 2019.
- E-mail title should include ‘Name of Applicant’ and ‘Name of the Research Center’

[ Contact Information for Inquiries ]
Hyojin Jang, Research Evaluation Team
Division of Research Service
Institute for Basic Science
55, Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 305-811

Tel. No.: +82-42-878-8236
Fax No.: +82-42-878-8065

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Associate Director Position at the “Center for Relativistic Laser Science” of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS)