Postdoctoral Fellow in Epigenetics and Metabolism - Laboratory of Adelheid Lempradl

Postdoctoral Fellow in Epigenetics and Metabolism - Laboratory of Adelheid Lempradl

Van Andel Research Institute (VAI)

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Postdoctoral Fellow in Epigenetics and Metabolism | Van Andel Research Institute

Lempradl Lab

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI), a leading independent biomedical research facility, is dedicated to determining the epigenetic, genetic, molecular and cellular origins of cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases, and translating those findings into effective therapies. The Institute is home to more than 200 scientists and support staff that work in on-site laboratories and in collaborative partnerships that span the globe.

VARI has recently established a new research pillar in metabolic and nutritional programming, which will align with our focused research efforts in epigenetics, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases with the goal of improving health through prediction, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.  

Adelheid Lempradl, Ph.D. joined VARI in the summer of 2018 as a founding member of this new initiative and is seeking to hire a postdoctoral researcher in her lab.

Dr. Lempradl’s research focuses on the following areas:

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>Intergenerational epigenetic inheritance: Enhance our understanding of molecular mechanisms of phenotype transmission across generations

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>Epigenetics and metabolism: Studying the interplay of epigenetics and metabolism, with a focus on the intergenerational effects of normal phenotypes and disease

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>Intergenerational toxicology: systematically map the intergenerational consequences of parental exposure to environmental toxins.

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>Preventative measures: finding strategies to prevent transmission of such phenotypes to the next generation


The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be trained with both traditional and state-of-the-art technologies and will work in a highly interdisciplinary environment that allows close interaction with the growing PD research community at Van Andel Research Institute (VARI).


  • A Ph.D. graduate with experience and publications in the fields of epigenetics, molecular biology and/or Drosophila research.
  • Experience in some of the following skills: Drosophila work, immunohistochemistry, imaging, molecular biology techniques.
  • Ability to coordinate and independently carry out a research project and present the outcome in a scientific presentation.
  • Bioinformatics experience (e.g. analysis of NGS data) is a plus.

Description of a Successful Candidate:

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>A “team” focused scientist

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>A self-motivated and driven individual who is able to exhibit exceptional research productivity and take responsibility for independent management of the project

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>A detail-oriented researcher who thinks critically to effectively design experiments and solve complex research problems

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>A strong ability to take initiative and work independently

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>A collaborative, hands-on researcher who proactively shares knowledge and expertise with lab members and has an interest in helping junior lab members

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>Excellent written and oral communication skills


This list will change as projects evolve and you should be open-minded to learn new things.


In addition, superior verbal and written communication and routine computer skills (PC/Mac) are necessary. Participation in lab meetings and presentation of data will be mandatory. The ideal candidate will be multitasking and possess superior organizational and time management skills, and an ability to interact with all levels of staff.


VARI provides postdoctoral training opportunities to scientists beginning their research careers ( The fellowships are to help promising scientists advance their knowledge and research experience and at the same time support the research endeavors of VARI under the mentorship of a VARI Faculty member. All VARI Postdoctoral Fellows are encouraged to apply for external funding as soon as it is practical and reasonable after hire. Receiving a fellowship award provides recognition for both the fellow and VARI!



If you possess these attributes and enjoy working with motivated and driven people, we would welcome speaking with you and encourage you to apply today at

  • A cover letter describing your research interests, experience, and how you might contribute to Lempradl Lab Research.
  • An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.

<!—[if !supportLists]—>·         <!—[endif]—>A list of 2-3 individuals who have agreed to act as references along with their contact details. 


Please contact Eric Miller ( for further information or questions, or if you have any difficulty with the application process.


VAI is actively striving to diversify its workforce and strongly encourages qualified individuals from underrepresented groups to apply. Van Andel Institute is an EEO and Affirmative Action Employer


About Grand Rapids, MI

Van Andel Research Institute is located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI which is the second largest city in Michigan and the largest city in West Michigan. Grand Rapids offers a remarkable combination of cosmopolitan atmosphere and small-town warmth, known for its philanthropic and sustainability-driven community, and is ranked one of “America’s Top 100 Places to Live.”


Located on the banks of the Grand River, Grand Rapids offers all the big-city excitement you would expect from a million-resident metropolis, featuring hundreds of restaurants and nightspots, theaters, museums, sports and concerts. The safe and clean downtown is surrounded by an eclectic mix of walk-able neighborhoods. 

With a medical and life sciences industry boom, strong entrepreneurial activity, dedication to green building and living, and innovative employers, Grand Rapids’ diverse economy continues to grow, offering endless career opportunities.




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