Researcher in Biochemistry, Molecular biology and Cell Biology

Researcher in Biochemistry, Molecular biology and Cell Biology

Uppsala University, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology

Uppsala, Sweden

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Description of the projects: The project aims to produce recombinant enzymes involved in heparan sulfate biosynthesis. It may need molecular engineering of the genes to enhance the catalytic activity. The enzymes are expressed in a proper host cells, e.g. mammalian, insect, yeast or bacteria. The expressed enzymes are purified and characterized. We need to optimize the expression in large scale, which requires both creative and new solutions, and involves extensive molecular and biochemical methods.

Duties: The overall goal of this position is to understand the mechanisms of heparan sulfate biosynthesis, with focus on the functions and potential interactions of the enzymes involved in heparan sulfate biosynthesis. The major tasks are to express the enzymes as recombinant proteins, and to study their functions towards different poly- or oligo-saccharide substrates. The candidate is expected to independently pursue the studies and solve potential technical problems when encountered. Some teaching may be included.

Qualifications: To be eligible for this position, the applicant must hold a PhD and scientific background in molecular biology and biochemistry. The candidate must be strongly motivated to carry out the projects and contribute by providing new creative ideas and experimental skills. This project requires that the candidate can work independently while also having excellent collaborative experiences. We expect you to be proficient in oral and written English in order to interact and communicate effectively with all employees as well as to publish internationally. We are looking for a responsible and scientifically enthusiastic researcher. The candidate is expected to have strong curiosity to science, and must be well organized and systematic in lab work, as well as reliable and disciplined, so that laboratories and instruments are kept clean and in good working order. We emphasize the importance of personal suitability for this position.

Applications will be assessed based on skills related to the projects and previous scientific productivity. The university will only consider candidates who, after an overall assessment, show the highest qualifications and personal qualities for performing and developing the project tasks and contributing to the positive development of the department and its activities.

Application: Your application should contain a copy of your PhD diploma, CV with list of publications, a covering letter and at least two reference letters from PhD supervisor and colleagues.

Uppsala University finds that gender balance and diversity brings a higher quality to the organization. We therefore welcome applicants of any gender and with different birth background, functionality and life experience.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.