Diaccurate: head of project human immunolgy and immunopathology

Diaccurate: head of project human immunolgy and immunopathology


Paris, France

Diaccurate is a « spin off » from the Institut Pasteur in Paris France since September 2014. Based on the discovery of a new mechanism inducing CD4 T lymphocyte dysfunction, Diaccurate is involved in the development of novel strategies of immunotherapy. www.diaccurate.com

The program of Diaccurate is based on a discovery made at the Institut Pasteur by Pr. Jacques Thèze and his colleagues. It concerns the mechanisms leading to CD4 T lymphocytes regulatory dysfunction in HIV-infected patients. The group has identified a plasmatic molecule named RIF for « Refractory state Inducing Factor » which is able to induce unresponsiveness of the CD4 T lymphocytes. After exposure to RIF, CD4 lymphocytes do not respond to physiological signals like those delivered by interleukins and TCR. This explains both CD4 anergy and CD4 lymphopenia the hallmark of the immunodeficiency following HIV infection. More recently a comparable mechanism involving RIF has been characterize in patients with highly malignant tumors.

Recruited Head of Project will lead a team of 2/3 scientists and expand the discovery of Diaccurate and decipher the immunological function of RIF at the cellular and molecular levels. He will also participate to the characterization of RIF inhibitors and to the management of a clinical trial starting in 2020. Using anti-RIF drug candidates given very early during HIV primo infection the plan is to obtain a functional cure of HIV-infected patients with a phenotype comparable to « HIV elite controllers ». The therapeutic effects of anti-RIF drugs will also be tested in cancer.

Candidates should have a large experience in human immunology with a strong background in cellular biology, biochemistry and imaging techniques (confocal, STED,…). A good record of publications in high standard journals is required. Depending on experience and records proposed salary may reach 80 000 € / year. Position open April 1, 2019

Please address CV and list of major contributions to: eleonore.massot@diaccurate.com


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Diaccurate: head of project human immunolgy and immunopathology