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Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) - HZI - Helmholtz Association

Braunschweig, Germany

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Scientific / postdoctoral posts

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3 years

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Area of research:

Preterm birth is the leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality worldwide. The most important threats are infections due to the high susceptibility of preterm infants to sepsis and respiratory infections that persists into later childhood. Recent studies provided first evidence that reciprocal host-microbiota interactions particularly at the neonatal phase are crucial for the postnatal immune maturation, life-long immune homeostasis, development of tolerance, colonization resistance against pathogens and overall health. In the present project, in vivo experiments in conventional and gnotobiotic mouse models will be carried out to test the hypotheses that i) differences in microbiota composition determine neonatal susceptibility to infections and ii) probiotic augmentation of the preterm microbiota directly or indirectly promotes the development of a normal immune function. Experimental approaches will include: transfer of microbiota from preterm babies (including probiotic-treated and control individuals) into germfree recipient mice to generate "humanized” mouse lines; analysis of susceptibility to (neonatal) infections; immunophenotyping incl. single-cell RNAseq; epigenetic profiling of immune cell subsets incl. Biseq and ATACseq; lymph node transplantations, and in vitro functional assays.


We are looking for a highly motivated, creative and enthusiastic individual, able to do research independently as well as a part of an interdisciplinary and international Team

PhD or equivalent in life sciences, with a strong theoretical and practical background in cellular and molecular immunologyExperience with in vivo model SystemsStrong record of publications in peer-reviewed JournalsExcellent communication skills and proficiency in English 

Desired (non-essential) background:

Experience in infection immunology, mucosal immunology and microbiota ResearchFamiliarity with the establishment of animal models for inflammation and/or infectionKnowledge of multi-colour flow cytometry and epigenetic profiling of immune cells

Equally well-qualified disabled applicants will be given preference. Equal opportunities are part of our personnel policy. The position is suitable for full-time employment or part-time employment, if two qualified applicants who can share the position to meet the needs of the business are identified.  

Salary:TVöD E13

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: Helmholtz-15/2019