Postdoctoral Fellow in protein NMR / cryoEM

Postdoctoral Fellow in protein NMR / cryoEM

Prof. Matthias Buck

Cleveland, OH, United States

position to study Protein-Protein and Protein-Lipid Interactions and their role
in Mechanisms of Signal Transduction using solution NMR with opportunity to
train in cryo-EM / computational biophysics


Case Medical School, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


How are signaling events transmitted? To answer this question we are
looking to add a postdoctoral co-worker to our interdisciplinary team. Our
interest is to understand protein-protein interactions, protein structure and dynamics
in the context of cell signaling
{e.g. see our recent papers
Li, Z. & Buck,
M, Structure 2017; Li, Z. et al., ACS Central Science 2018; Cao, S. et al.,
J.Biol.Chem. 2019, online 2/21
}. The systems include several small GTPases and their interacting partners,
protein-membrane interactions, Eph receptors, plexins and co-receptors.


Research in protein
biophysics/structural biology.
We principally
use solution NMR for protein structure determination, surface mapping and
characterization of conformational change. The project may involve amide
hydrogen exchange, NMR relaxation and molecular dynamics simulation as additional
tools.  NMR facilities at the NorthEast Ohio High Field NMR facility consist
of a 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz and a 900 MHz Bruker spectrometer.
Apart from NMR, we employ other biophysical techniques and with the
recent installation of a Titan Krios there is considerable interest to apply
cryo-EM to our systems.


We are looking for a talented and highly
motivated coworker, who aims to become an independent researcher/project leader.
Prior technical expertise with protein NMR is essential.
The Buck laboratory provides a stimulating but friendly
working environment. The Medical School of Case Western Reserve University is highly
rated overall in the US (~ 23rd in terms of NIH funding) and Cleveland is a
pleasant but affordable place to live with excellent educational, medical and
cultural institutions. Starting date, project details and salary are
negotiable. Please send your resume, overview of your scientific interests and
career goals as well as contact details of three referees able to provide references
by e-mail to


In employment, as in education,
Case Western Reserve University is committed to Equal Opportunity and
Diversity.  Women, veterans, members of underrepresented minority groups,
and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


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Postdoctoral Fellow in protein NMR / cryoEM