Lab Technician

Lab Technician

Zhang and Veiseh Lab

Houston, TX, United States

We are seeking an experienced animal specialist(2-Year Minimum experience for mouse surgery REQUIRED) to join our research team in the Veiseh and Zhang lab at Rice University. Here, we develop novel immunotherapies for cancer. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

• Maintains all aspects of mouse colony care including ordering, spreadsheets of mouse colony numbers, and animal welfare documentation.

• Performs ethically approved mouse surgeries/procedures in accordance with local governance- to investigate material biocompatibility and cells for cancer immunotherapy

• -analgesic documentation

• -subcutaneous (SC) injections

• -intravenous (IV) injections

• -intraperitoneal (IP) injections

• -laparotomy (device implantation)

• -cell transplantation procedures

• -Performs routine bleeds to monitor material/cell graft function including:

• -(IV/IP/SC) injections

• -saphenous vein blood collection

• -cheek bleeds

• -cardiac puncture

• -tail vein bleeds

• Maintains the health and well-being of laboratory animals by providing routine health checks, documentation and administration of fluids, etc.

• Sterilizes surgical tools and maintains all equipment/documentation required for mouse related procedures.

• Performs online ordering for research materials for the diabetes team through the online peoplesoft ordering application.

• Monitors supply needs and communicates needs to Supervisor or Lead Technician in a timely manner.

• Manages, updates results, and conveys data in a clean, orderly manner through the use of excel and powerpoint presentations.

To qualify, you must have:

• Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biochemistry, or a related field.

Work requires a minimal knowledge of the basic mouse handling skills:

• IV/IP/SC mouse injections

• some experience with mouse surgeries

• some experience with mouse blood collection techniques

• training for more specific mouse procedures will be provided but some previous experience with mouse handling procedures is required.

• The ability to work independently and schedule daily experiments, keep accurate records of data and procedures in the lab, and communicate effectively with other team members to accomplish project goals.


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Lab Technician