Postdoctoral fellow in Protein and Glycan Biochemistry

Postdoctoral fellow in Protein and Glycan Biochemistry

Staffan Persson/Joshua Heazlewood

Melbourne, Australia

fellow in Protein and Glycan Biochemistry

The position of Protein and Glycan Biochemist will
work with Prof Staffan Persson, A/Professor Joshua Heazlewood, and their teams,
in the School of Biosciences at University of Melbourne to understand how
proteins and protein modifications impact cell wall synthesis and cytoskeletal
The incumbent will be required to
develop and use tools related to protein expression, modifications, structure
and proteomics, as well as have insights into glycan analysis tools. It is
expected that the successful candidate has a good foundation in the use of
standard molecular, genetics and cell biology-based equipment and approaches.
The incumbent will work closely with biophysicists, and cell and structural
biologists to assess how proteins and glycans function in a biological context.

The appointee is expected to undertake original
research and participate actively in research training at a level commensurate
with the appointment.

Please, include CV, publication list, three referee
contacts, and a summary of past research experience and achievements in context
of the selection criteria.

Salary: Grade A6: p.a. (AUD 87,415)

Weblinks: Prof Staffan Persson’s lab:, A/Prof Joshua Heazlewood’s lab:

Send application packages to either:


  1. Use a range of proteomic tools to unravel protein and glycan modifications of plant cells.

  2. Express proteins in a range of different heterologous expression systems.

  3. Design experiments, perform molecular biology and protein purification procedures, as well as operate advanced laboratory and technical equipment.

  4. Assist and provide training to honours, postgraduate students and staff in biochemistry and molecular biology techniques and interpretation of data

Selection Criteria:

  1. A postgraduate degree (PhD or equivalent) in protein- or glycan-related biochemistry

  2. Demonstrated experience in microscopy and molecular biology to undertake in vivo, or in vitro, imaging of fluorescently tagged proteins.

  3. Demonstrated experience in expression of proteins and analysis from a range of heterologous species (including experience with trouble shooting).

  4. Knowledge pertaining to protein structure analyses and experience in providing samples for a wide range of structural estimates, such as NMR and x-ray crystallography, and for proteomics experiments.

  5. Experience in some aspects of microscopy, including but not limited to light-, scanning-, and electron microscopy.

  6. Demonstrated ability in the identification and examination of post-translational modifications of proteins.

  7. Experience in providing technical expertise / help to honours and postgraduate research students as well as staff in a busy team environment.

  8. Demonstrated ability to work independently within a research team to accomplish research outcomes required by the research team’s KPI’s and funding requirements

  9. Excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills

Desired Selection

  1. Having deciphered structure-function relationships of proteins.

  2. Demonstrated ability to provide intellectual leadership in research projects.

  3. Supervision experience of honours and/or postgraduate research students.

  4. Grant writing skills.

The closing date for applications is April
1st, 2019. Interviews for short-listed candidates will be undertaken
shortly thereafter.



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Postdoctoral fellow in Protein and Glycan Biochemistry