Post-doctoral fellow

Post-doctoral fellow

Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases

Boston, MA, United States

The Steere/Strle Laboratory at Massachusetts
General Hospital does translational studies using samples from patients with
Lyme arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis to delineate mechanisms involved in
pathogenesis, to identify biomarkers of disease activity, and to develop diagnostic
tests for these diseases. This information is used to improve treatment
strategies for patients with these disorders.

The projects listed below are often done in
parallel in patients with Lyme arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

1. Identification
of HLA-DR-peptide epitopes from microbial or self-proteins in synovial
tissue or PBMC and testing of implicated peptides for T and B cell

2, Evaluation
of implicated T cells for molecular mimicry between homologous microbial
antigens and self-proteins by cloning and stimulating cells.

3. Assessment
of antibody cross-reactivity using recombinant microbial and host proteins
and affinity-purified antibodies, and determination of antibody phenotypes
and function based on Fc receptor binding, IgG subclass, binding affinity,
and glycan profile.

4. Characterization
of immune cell phenotypes by flow cytometry and single cell RNA-seq.

5. Evaluation
of host and microbial genetic factors that contribute to dysregulated
immunity and adverse patient outcomes.

6. Determination
of biomarkers, serologic tests, and direct detection assays for
improvement of patient diagnosis and treatment.

Many of these projects are done in collaboration with
investigators in our Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases, and with
those in surrounding institutions, including the Broad Institute, the Ragon
Institute, the Forsythe Institute, and the Boston University Biomedical Mass
Spectrometry Center.


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Post-doctoral fellow