Post-doc Fellow: In-Vivo Neuropharmacology

Post-doc Fellow: In-Vivo Neuropharmacology

Janssen Research & Development

Beerse, Antwerpen, Belgium

Janssen Research & Development, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, has opened up an excellent post-doctoral research opportunity at its site in Beerse, Belgium. We are seeking a highly motivated, independent and passionate post doctoral researcher to join our multinational Global Safety Pharmacology research group. 

Global Safety Pharmacology is an expert center that supports our therapeutic areas across the globe with advice, safety testing and research from discovery, through clinical development and up to marketed product. The lab focuses on the safety pharmacology assessment of new chemical entities on vital organ systems, such as the heart, lungs and brain. 

In drug development the top priority is to select safe and sustainable new drug candidates for further development. Over the last 6-8 years, drug-induced seizure liability has unfortunately become a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry as they pursue relatively unexplored new potential drug targets for diseases of unmet need. In addition, species differences in drug-induced convulsion, creates a major challenge to correctly
identify seizurogenic/convulsion risk in the non-clinical environment when
looking toward clinical translation. This post-doctoral position will support
the development of research capabilities/assays for the team, investigate
potential species differences and to help deconvolute the potential mechanisms
of action of in-vivo seizure/convulsion liabilities of new drug candidates. The
candidate will have the opportunity to develop unique innovative in-vivo models
(small and large animals e.g. rat and dog respectively) with combined
cardiovascular (ECG and hemodynamics) and CNS measurements (EEG & behaviour
analysis). Special consideration will be given to candidates with experience
within the field of epilepsy research.

Key job responsibilities:

  • The role will primarily be responsible to Identify seizurogenic effects/liabilities of a new drug
    candidate during the discovery and development phases by creating novel innovative
    in-vivo methods/models where CNS (EEG and behaviour analysis) and CVS (ECG,
    hemodynamics) would be measured together.
  • Research into better understanding seizures found during safety screening.
  • Development and the mechanistic role of ion channel/GPCRs/transporters in the brain related to seizure/convulsion.
  • The successful candidate will also have the possibility to work in close collaboration with in-vitro neuronal expert scientists within Janssen to look at potential species difference.
  • Understand the off or on target mechanisms of action and in-vitro to in-vivo translational relevance of models.

Qualifications, Education & Experience:

  • A post-doc / Ph.D. in neuroscience/ neuropharmacology / neurophysiology or related fields with 0 – 3 years of experience
  • Experience in in-vivo epilepsy/seizure research,EEG recording in small and/or large animals is preferred
  • Behavioral analysis experience would be advantageous
  • In vivo neuroelectrophysiology experience would be advantageous
  • Although training will be given, expertise with surgical procedures and preferably experience in using radio telemetry implantation devices for EEG recording would be advantageous


  • Johnson & Johnson companies are equal opportunity employers.
  • Some knowledge of surgical techniques, instruments, analysis: Physiological continuous measurement techniques (e.g. EEG, neuro-electrophysiological measurements), telemetric
    techniques, data analysis, interpretation and reporting.
    Excellent written and oral English communication skills required.
  • Highly motivated to learn new techniques and develop new hypotheses
  • Some training for the successful candidate will be given by our scientists/surgeons but there is an expectation of at least basic surgical and analytical skills have already been
    obtained with prior experience.

What’s in it for you…?

“Caring for the world, one person at a time…”

  • As an employee we consider you as our most valuable asset. We take your career seriously.
  • As part of a global team working in an innovative environment, your development is key and our day-to-day responsibility.
  • Through a highly interactive and connected post-doc community within Janssen, e-university, on the job training, various projects and programs, we ensure your personal growth.
  • Our benefits make sure we care for you and your family now and in the future.

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