Full Professor in forest vegetation ecology

Full Professor in forest vegetation ecology

Swedish University of agricultural sciences

Umeå, Sweden

A professorship position, fully funded, in forest vegetation ecology is open at the department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, Umeå, Sweden.
The main research area of this position must be forest vegetation ecology with a focus on boreal and temperate forest ecosystems. The research must be directed towards biotic interactions within as well as between populations of different plant species, including forest trees, and interactions between forest vegetation and biotic or abiotic properties in both undisturbed and managed forests.

The mission of the department of Forest Ecology and Management is to advance the understanding of forest ecosystem processes and to apply this understanding to sustainably managed forest resources.
https://www.slu.se/en/departments/forest-ecology-management/. Forests covers 70% of the Swedish land area and thus constitutes our most important natural resource. Excellence in research and teaching in Forest Vegetation Ecology is thus a prerequisite for long-term sustainable utilization of all major forest ecosystem services. The department has ~80 employees with >20 active research leaders of which 12 are professors. The department has access to numerous long-term field experiments and modern field research infrastructures as well as access to analytical technical platforms. The department has a well-developed national and international research network and much of the research at the department is internationally highly renowned. The department belongs to the Faculty of Forest Sciences, with the main location in Umeå. We share the campus with Umeå University. The Faculty of Forest Sciences https://www.slu.se/en/faculties/s/ holds a strong position internationally, and was recently ranked number one in forestry globally.

The duly qualified candidate is someone who can demonstrate both academic and teaching skills within the subject area. The candidate must have proven academic skills within the subject area and have a PhD as well as qualifications similar to an Associate Professor or equivalent. The successful candidate should demonstrate pedagogic skills and the ability to combine successful teaching practices with research.

You will find more information and how to apply on this page: https://www.slu.se/en/about-slu/jobs-vacancies/?rmpage=job&rmjob=1734&rmlang=UK

Please apply via recruiter’s website.