Scientist (m/f/d) Subject physics, chemistry or material science / 50% part-time - Subject physics, chemistry or material science / 50% part-time

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - KIT - Helmholtz Association

Karlsruhe, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Nanotechnology (INT)

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

As part of the Excellence Cluster 'Energy Storage Beyond Lithium' you will characterize interface structures, solid-state reaction mechanisms and kinetics between solid electrolytes and electrodes in post-lithium batteries using in-situ TEM techniques. Two state-of-the-art aberration corrected TEMs, a FIB with an inert-transfer system and the necessary in-situ setup will be available for the high-end characterization. To enable a direct comparison between bulk and in-situ battery studies, you will help to set up a sputter deposition system to simultaneously prepare bulk thin film batteries and deposite micron-sized thin film batteries for in-situ TEM studies.

There will be the possibility to work towards a PhD.

You have a university degree (diploma (uni)/master) in the field of physics, chemistry or material science and knowledge of batteries and battery materials. Good oral and written English language skills, knowledge of the physical principles of transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy for solid state structural characterization and knowledge of the physical principles of focused ion beam microscopy & structuring are required. Experience in sputter deposition techniques and in designing deposition and MEMS setups are desirable.


Salary category 13, depending on the fulfillment of professional and personal requirements.

Contract duration

limited to 3 years

Application up to


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For further information, please contact Dr. Kübel, phone 0721 608-28970.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: Helmholtz-2415