PhD position: Thermophoresis of protein-ligand systems

Forschungszentrum Jülich - FZJ - Helmholtz Association

Jülich, Germany

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ICS-3 - Weiche Materie

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PHD Thesis

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The Soft Matter group at the ICS at the Research Center Juelich invites applications for a PhD candidate in experimental physics of soft matter. The candidates should have a master/diploma in physics or physical chemistry. The PhD position is limited to 3 years.

The Soft Matter group at the ICS at the Research Center Juelich integrates chemists, physicists and materials scientists in a multidisciplinary environment. The excellent infrastructure of the institute provides all the equipment necessary for soft matter research.

Thermophoresis or thermodiffusion describes the coupling between a temperature gradient and a resulting mass flux in a multicomponent system. In recent years it gained a lot of interest as one of the concepts discussed in the ‘origin-of-life’ question and as a powerful sensor to monitor complex formation of protein-ligand systems to determine binding constants of biochemical reactions. It turns out that thermophoresis is very sensitive to changes of the hydration layer, so we want to gain a better microscopic understanding of the thermophoretic changes during the protein-ligand binding. As proteins are rather complex, we also want to investigate building blocks of biomolecules and model substances. Additionally, we will collaborate with groups using other experimental techniques such as neutron scattering and isothermal calorimetry in order to develop a more comprehensive picture of the microscopic processes. The experimental technique used is thermal diffusion forced Rayleigh scattering (TDFRS), so practically the project requires optical alignment and preparation of dust-free samples.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

Quote Reference: Helmholtz-2019D-002