Postdoctoral Scientist - Burda Lab

Postdoctoral Scientist - Burda Lab

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Postdoctoral Scientist – Burda Lab
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Postdoctoral Scientist positions are available in the Laboratory of Joshua Burda, PhD within the Center for Neural Science and Medicine (CNSM) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

As one of the most dynamic and highly renowned medical centers in the world, Cedars-Sinai ranks among the nation’s top non-university hospitals for competitive research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with more than 900 active research projects. This fertile and highly collaborative scientific environment provides an exceptional atmosphere for Postdoctoral research and professional skills training.

The ideal Candidate will investigate glia-neuron molecular interactions underlying the regenerative plasticity of neural circuits after central nervous system (CNS) injury and in disease. This research has direct and important relevance to patients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke or neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, in which therapeutically harnessing plasticity of intact neural circuits may be a key to improving outcome and promoting recovery. Research Aims make use of multiple mouse models of nervous system injury and employ cutting-edge genomic analysis, cell type-specific in vivo molecular manipulations, transgenics, primary neural cell and tissue culture, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, neuroanatomical tract tracing, histology, microscopy, sensorimotor physiology and behavioral assessments.

This is an outstanding opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary group of neuroscientists, neurologists, geneticists and bioinformaticians interested in identifying new therapeutic targets for stimulating endogenous pathways of CNS repair and recovery. Postdoctoral Scientists in the Burda Lab also benefit from the groups’ well-established and ongoing collaborations with neighboring UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Brain Research Institute Investigators.

Specifically, the Candidate should have practical experience with:
• A range of basic wet lab techniques including molecular biology, nucleic acid isolation and analysis, protein biochemistry, cell and/or tissue culture.
• Disease modeling in rodents. Experience with rodent surgery is preferred, but not required.
• Working independently, but in close cooperation and in consultation with the Principal Investigator (PI) and other Research Scientists, to perform routine and complex laboratory procedures.
• Developing, adapting, and implementing new research techniques and protocols and analyzing and interpreting data.
• Participating in publications and presentations as author or co-author
• Assisting in the preparation of grant proposals.

Expectations and Job Duties:
• The ideal Candidate is an excellent problem solver that tackles scientific questions and technical hurdles with innovation and inquisitiveness.
• Participate in publications and travel to scientific meetings to present research.
• Design and perform experiments.
• Keep appropriate experimental records and documentation, and analyze results with PI.
• May develop, adapt, and implement new research techniques and protocols.
• Analyze, interpret, summarize and compile data.
• Perform routine and complex laboratory procedures throughout training period.
• Operate and maintain equipment and instruments.
• Participation in laboratory meetings, keeping a lab notebook, performing calculations, tabulating data, summarizing methods and results of related experiments and general lab maintenance will be required.
• The individual will be expected to function efficiently and cooperatively with a team of faculty, research associates, technicians and students.
• Scheduling flexibility is required.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential.
• Collaborate with PI in preparation of Postdoctoral Fellowship applications.
• May assist PI in preparation of grant proposals

Physical Demands:
• Lifting, standing, walking

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. This position includes a comprehensive benefits package.

Educational Requirements:
• Doctorate (MD, PhD, VMD or DDS) in an area related to the field of research specialization

• Independently works on research projects designed in collaboration with a mentor (typically the PI) within an area of specialization.
• Acquires thorough technical and theoretical knowledge of research project and objectives during one to five (1-5) year post-doctoral appointment.
• Demonstrated aptitude to perform experimental protocols and procedures, including detailed data collection, and analysis and operation and maintenance of specialized equipment.
• Knowledge of safety standards and maintenance of specialized equipment.

Key words for job posting:

• Glia
• Astrocyte
• microglia
• Regeneration
• Neural regeneration
• Tissue remodeling
• Extracellular matrix
• Neuroscience
• Neural repair
• Neuroplasticity
• Synaptic plasticity
• Cell biology
RNA sequencing
• Genomics
• Spinal cord injury
• Neurodegeneration
• Traumatic brain injury
• Stroke
• Bioinformatics
• Neurology

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