Postdoctoral positions in Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science at LINXS

Postdoctoral positions in Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science at LINXS

Lund University, Faculty of Science, LINXS

Lund, Sweden

As part of its objectives to attract the world-class researchers and stimulate the development of new research using x-rays and neutrons, LINXS is opening 1 to 2 individual postdoctoral research positions. We welcome applications from researchers within three years (at time of application deadline) after the completion of their PhD to perform independent research within the framework of the current LINXS Themes, as well as work with LINXS related activities and the LINXS community. Funding will also be available for the candidate to facilitate travel to experiments at international facilities and meetings.

Applicants should formulate their own research project plan in coordination with a host group at Lund University. The host group should be an active research group at Lund University that agrees to support the application and, if selected, the postdoctoral researcher during their tenure as a LINXS postdoctoral fellow. The research should fit within one of the current research Themes at LINXS (Dynamics, Imaging and Integrative Structural Biology – see and the project should also be part of an existing or new Working Group at LINXS. The research project should involve the use of x-rays and neutrons or the development of new techniques using x-rays and neutrons.

Candidates should first coordinate their research plan with the potential host group at Lund University and applications for the positions must include an invitation letter from the host. Candidates are encouraged to contact the LINXS directors listed below to discuss potential host groups, but can also make contact directly with potential host.

The postdoctoral researcher will be expected to dedicate their time to their research project. In addition, they will be expected to contribute to LINXS activities up to a maximum of 30% of their time; this could include, for example, involvement in working group activities and outreach.
The postdoctoral researcher will be employed at LINXS, but will also be affiliated to the host group. Therefore the researcher’s time will be spent both with the host and at the LINXS offices. The host must commit to providing the necessary facilities to perform the proposed project and, along with a supervisor at LINXS, is responsible for coordinating the research and personal development of the postdoctoral researcher.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.