Post-Doc Fellow in Genome and Metabolic Engineering

Post-Doc Fellow in Genome and Metabolic Engineering

Columbia University Medical Center/Ophthamology

NEW YORK, NY, United States

CRISPR Genome Surgery in preclinical humanized mice and patient-specific stem cells
The Barbara & Jonas Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at Departments of Ophthalmology, Pathology & Cell Biology at Columbia University seeks postdoctoral applicants for research with patient-specific stem cell lines: disease modeling, repair, transplantation as well as gene therapy. Other than cancer, blindness is the most feared of condition amongst Americans. Our NIH-R01EY018213, R24EY026682, R01EY024698 and R01EY026682 supported laboratory investigates cell-based treatments for neurodegenerations, and develops patient specific disease models relevant to Investigational New Drug (IND) Application – FDA. The eye is an ideal testing ground for stem cell therapies because of its relative immune privilege and its ready accessibility for monitoring and imaging purposes .
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Requirements: Applicants should have a PhD in enzyme kinetics, electrophysiology, cell biology, Molecular Biology or related fields. U.S. citizen/permanent residents preferred. Please email your CV to


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Post-Doc Fellow in Genome and Metabolic Engineering