Scientific Workshop/Consortia Developer - JIMB

Scientific Workshop/Consortia Developer - JIMB

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Menlo Park, CA, United States

The Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology (JIMB) is a new model of science collaboration amongst .com/.edu/.gov. We work at the intersection of these group’s interests: creating standards and measurement tools for 21st Century bioscience.

JIMB is a partnership between the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and Stanford University to develop and host foundational science and technology development at the frontiers of biological knowledge. The JIMB model builds on successful NIST initiatives, bringing together projects like NIST’s Genome in a Bottle Consortium with SLAC technology and operational expertise, and Stanford innovation.

We’re hosting a series of targeted workshops in genomics and synthetic biology to engage interested stakeholders across all sectors, from basic scientists to regulators to technology developers to industrial innovators. Hosting workshops and convening collaborative consortia is a principal way that JIMB interacts with community and develops programs. These workshops convene collaborations, identify knowledge gaps, establish research roadmaps, and create scientific community. Each workshop results in a broadly shared workshop summary, often coupled to “whitepapers” on research and measurement needs. Particular workshops will develop, publish, and promulgate actionable roadmaps.

JIMB is recruiting a highly motivated and well-networked individual with exceptional communication skills and deep technical expertise in biological science and technology to co-develop, co-facilitate, and co-lead the JIMB workshops; support existing consortia, and develop new ones.

Workshop and consortium development and support includes leadership as well as operational and logistical responsibilities. Responsibilities include scheduling workshops and meetings; outreach and networking with speakers and key stakeholders; promotion of workshops to potential attendees; establishing and maintaining relationships with academic leaders at Stanford and other institutions, at NIST and other federal agencies, and in the commercial sector; and logistical work as needed to arrange hosting of events.

Initial planned workshops include:

  • Build-A-Cell: Roadmapping and Measurement Needs
  • Genome-in-a-Bottle: Workshop on Structural Variation Benchmarking
  • Metrology for Genome Reconstruction
  • Amplicon Sequencing for Quantitative Biolog
  • Towards a networked and disaggregated bioeconomy. What’s needed? What is our Strategy?
  • Metrology for Single-cell Genomics
  • Clinical Genome Sequencing: Enterprise Standards Architecture
  • What measurements are needed to secure operational mastery of living matter?

Sample workshop reports and summaries are available on the JIMB website,

The candidate will have a Ph.D. in bioscience, strong writing skills, strong organizational skills, and experience with scientific communications.

What we can Measure, we can Model, and what we can Measure and Model we canMake. JIMB is uniquely organized to systematically to do this by bringing together the dynamism of the commercial market, the foundational commitment to science and technology from the government, and innovation from academic faculty groups. Come be a part of making this happen!

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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