Clinician Scientist

Clinician Scientist

Justus-Liebig University Giessen (JLU)

Giessen, Germany

- invites the Faculty of Medicine to submit a scientific project
- invites your application as an early-career physician scientist

The Justus-Liebig-University Giessen Clinician Scientist Program in Biomedical Research (JLU-CAREER), funded by the German Research Council (DFG), offers clinician-scientist positions starting 01st of March 2019. The funding scheme consists of a half physician position (0.5 TV-Ä) for three years, which will ascertain secure research time on an excellent scientific topic. The program is open for all physicians undergoing clinical specialty training and it aims to facilitate and improve the scientific education and qualification of candidates in the key research areas “imbalanced inflammation & infection”, “fibrotic repair & remodelling” and “cancer evolution & progression” (see JLU-CAREER aims at identification of molecular pathomechanisms underlying a large number of most compromising and devastating diseases, among them leading causes of worldwide mortality and morbidity, and for generating new conceptual frameworks for the mechanistic understanding of and novel therapeutic strategies for these diseases.
The program will ascertain dedicated and secured research time and supreme supervision on a given scientific project, an expedited clinical training, participation in a mentoring program, and qualification in a modular educational program embedded in the GGL ( JLU-CAREER will be open for outstanding applicants from all over the world, who seek an excellent clinical training and an attractive scientific environment. A medical license equivalent to German requirements and a medical thesis are mandatory. Projects between a clinical division and a biomedical institute (“tandem projects”) are highly encouraged.

If you are member of the Faculty of Medicine of the JLU Giessen and if you are seeking for a talented early-career physician scientist to work on a your highly innovative scientific project in the above mentioned research areas,

submit your research project (see

If you are an early-career physician in training for a clinical specialty aiming to follow an academic career and to spend secure time on a fascinating and innovative research topic combined with a fast-track clinical education,

submit your application for (see,

The application deadline is 1st of February 2019.

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Clinician Scientist