Research Technician - Tool Translation Team

Research Technician - Tool Translation Team

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Ashburn, VA, United States

Job Description


Perform professional work in support of the development and employment of molecular research tools.  Assist in determining suitable methods to be used in research and perform scientific investigative procedures requiring application of professional judgment and technology.  Perform preliminary interpretation of results and determine whether they are consistent with experimental goals. Assemble and organize data and assist and the interpretation of that data. Works closely with others in a collaborative environment.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities (specific duties will depend on needs of the laboratory):

  • Perform technical procedures with nucleic acid and proteins, fluorescence microscopy, cell culture.
  • Operate complex scientific instrumentation.
  • May maintain drosophila stocks, bacterial and tissue cultures for experimental purposes.
  • Collect, record, organize and verify the accuracy of data.  May use software applications to assemble, manipulate, format and/or perform statistical analyses of data.
  • Analyze data, formulate conclusions and create appropriate statistical presentations, including graphs and charts, and prepare and present written or oral progress reports regarding studies.
  • Actively contribute to laboratory meetings and planning sessions.
  • Perform the duties of a Research Technician I as required.


Organizational Scope and Impact of Position:

  • Contributes to research results on an on-going basis.
  • Manages routine aspects of research projects. 
  • Some errors may not be caught due to level of autonomy; however, individual is supervised to contain errors. 
  • Plays a significant, but not central, role in the success of the unit.


Interactions with Others:

  • Schedules work to meet assigned goals and may develop goals. 
  • Works closely with multiple collaborators and stakeholders. 
  • Work is reviewed at key stages by supervisor but individual is self-directed to a degree. 
  • Brings conflicts to the attention of their supervisor for resolution. 
  • Actively contributes information and opinions to formal and informal problem solving process


Preferred Qualifications


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in an appropriate field of science or technology or equivalent in education and experience AND two to four years of related research experience; or, an advanced degree in an appropriate area of science or technology AND one or more years of related laboratory experience. Undergraduate research is relevant. 
  • Knowledge of cell biology, neuroscience, drosophila genetics, immunochemistry, fluorescence labeling, and analysis of imaging data are all helpful, but not essential.


Knowledge/Understanding/Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to take initiative, prioritize tasks, work independently and with others, use good judgment, and monitor completion of assigned duties.
  • Ability to operate complex scientific equipment.
  • In depth knowledge in a specific areas of responsibility.
  • Fully understands role in the work unit and in related units as well as understanding how the job relates to the organization as a whole.


Physical Requirements:

  • Occasionally lifts and/or carries objects weighing up to 20 pounds. 
  • Occasionally stoops and bends. 
  • Occasionally reaches and grasps with arms and hands.
  • Work involves possible exposure to malodorous vapors, low dose radiation, contamination by toxic chemicals and acids and presence of carcinogenic substances. 
  • Long periods of standing and/or sitting.


HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Required Skills

Required Experience

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