Research Associates m/f dedicated to biomedical research

Research Associates m/f dedicated to biomedical research


Paris, France

Researchers contribute to the development of knowledge, technology transfer and applications, in business and in all fields that contribute to the advancement of society. Another of their missions is to promote science and technology among the general public.

Within their laboratories, researchers supervise Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows in their field.

Researchers may also supervise research teams, lead scientific projects, teach, and participate in technology transfer based on their research results.
In certain cases, researchers dedicate part of their working time to managing and administrating research facilities.

Over the course of their career, they can also benefit from transfer opportunities within INSERM or to other research organizations, universities, businesses or administrations.

A INSERM researcher’s main missions include:

  • Scientific production: articles in “primary” journals, books;
  • Finding applications for research results: patents, participating in conferences;
  • Dissemination of scientific information: popularization articles, informing the general public (through conferences, television or radio broadcasts);
  • Training through research: supervision of PhD students, interns, etc.

In parallel with these scientific production activities, the researcher can teach at the university level. Over the course of a career, the researcher will often be called upon to serve as a team leader, manage scientific projects and participate in administrative activities. He/she may also have the opportunity to register patents and licenses, contribute know-how to an existing company, or even set up his/her own business.


Candidates must have a PhD (or equivalent degree). There is no nationality restriction.


Application modalities: visit our website:


Application deadline:January 10nd, 2019 – (GMT+1)

Founded in 1964, Inserm is a public scientific and technological institute which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministries of Health and Research. The institute is dedicated to biomedical research and human health, and is involved in the entire range of activities from the laboratory to the patient’s bedside. It also partners with the most prestigious research institutions in the world that are committed to scientific challenges and progress in these fields.

Inserm is the leading European academic biomedical research institution, and with nearly 12,000 publications a year; is second in the world only to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to the 2016 ranking by Thomson-Reuters, Inserm is also the world’s 9th most innovative public research organization.

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