12 fully funded PhD studentships at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

12 fully funded PhD studentships at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria


Theme: “Imaging the Mind”

Join an internationally renowned PhD programme in the beautiful city of Salzburg (Austria). While Salzburg has one of the highest life quality ratings globally, the university’s Department of Psychology with its Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCNS) is among the most productive departments worldwide.

We are inviting applications for 12 fully funded PhD studentships in the following interdisciplinary areas: cognitive (neuro-)science, psychology, biology, medicine/neurology, or computational neuroscience.

The programme will admit students for autumn 2019 (earliest start date 1st October 2019). It offers numerous benefits:

  • salary for a period of 3 to 4 years (including health and social insurance)
  • equipped work space
  • research consumables
  • specific technological training courses (e.g. fMRI, EEG, MEG)
  • presentation, scientific writing, & teaching skills training
  • full funding of congress participation, workshops, and international courses
  • funding for 6-month research stays in foreign partner laboratories

Candidates must hold a master’s degree or equivalent with a relevant specialisation in one of the above listed academic areas of the programme at the time of entry. Prior application is possible. The language of the graduate programme (teaching) is English;
hence, English proficiency is indispensable. The programme strives for equal representation of female PhD students, wherefore women are especially encouraged to apply.

Faculty and proposed research projects:

Jens Blechert
i) Emotion regulation and emotional eating
ii) Food reward and behavioral approach

Kerstin Hödlmoser
i) Memory consolidation/reactivation during sleep
ii) How SMART is it to go to bed with the PHONE?

Florian Hutzler
i) Systematics of cognitive processes: cognitive ontology
ii) Cognitive connectedness: BrainMap

Eva Jonas
i) Approach, avoidance, and behavioral inhibition, and their dynamic interaction
ii) The threat of outgroup rivalry and its adverse effects on outgroup empathy

Martin Kronbichler
i) The social brain in neurological and psychiatric disorders
ii) Expectation, attention and repetition suppression in the visual and auditory brain

Josef Perner
i) Connecting Theory of Mind with mathematics
ii) Memory systems and file management

Belinda Pletzer
i) Genetic modulation of sex hormone influences on cognition
ii) Hormonal contraceptive effects on brain & behavior

Manuel Schabus
i) Information processing during sleep
ii) Fetal programming and high-density baby EEG

Nathan Weisz
i) Awareness across audition and vision
ii) Regularity processing across cognitive hierarchies and sensory modalities

Frank Wilhelm
i) Conditioned auditory intrusions
ii) Developing objective markers of dissociative states of altered wakefulness

Deadline for applications: 21st January 2019 (0:00 CET)

For detailed information about application, selection, admissions procedure, and the scientific programme as well as the faculty please visit: https://phdIM.ccns.sbg.ac.at/

Please apply via recruiter’s website.