Postdoctoral Fellow - Structure-based Molecular Mechanism of Protein Elasticity

Postdoctoral Fellow - Structure-based Molecular Mechanism of Protein Elasticity

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Hamburg, Germany

About the team/job

The research group of Matthias Wilmanns has a long-standing record in structural biology on research themes of medical relevance. Our main research interest is on structures of large protein translocation systems and structural dynamics of giant muscle proteins. We additionally collaborate on specific research projects with several clinical groups with interests in tuberculosis, cancer and hereditary diseases. Most of our projects require integrative structural biology methods including X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and complementary biophysical and biochemical approaches. The group shares expertise and research infrastructures with other EMBL research groups in Hamburg.

Your role

A new emerging field in molecular structural biology is in unraveling molecular mechanisms leading to elastic properties of large filamentous proteins. These properties can be critical to maintain the structural integrity of cellular structures and are crucial determinants in activity regulation. Our laboratory uses an integrated structural biology approach, including X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and biophysical approaches to study those properties. Together with external collaborators, we additionally apply single molecule techniques and super high-resolution imaging. In this project, we investigate the response to shear forces of the Von Willebrand Factor, a large multi-domain protein assembly that plays a crucial role in primary hemostasis in humans and associated with important clinical applications. In addition, we study elastic properties of large filament proteins from cardiac and skeletal muscle cells, such as titin, obscurin and myomesin, in response to contraction/relaxation.

You have

Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant field, proven record of scientific accomplishments, international experience, scientific ambition and excellent communication skills, and previously demonstrated expertise in structural biology and biophysical approaches including sample preparation (molecular biology, heterologous expression using eukaryotic hosts, protein purification).

You might also have

Additional expertise in biochemistry (in vitro and cell-based assays) and cell biology (including imaging) would be advantageous.

Why join us

Why not? Well, EMBL is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to an international research organisation with a very collegial and family friendly working environment. The remuneration package comprises a competitive salary, a comprehensive pension scheme, medical, educational and other social benefits. Scientists at EMBL Hamburg benefit from cutting-edge technology to accommodate their research, with synchrotron radiation (PETRA III) and laser (FLASH) facilities available. Additionally, possibility of collaboration with colleagues from other EMBL units.

What else do I need to know

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