PhD (f/m/d) in Cancer Genetics and Oncogenic Signalling

PhD (f/m/d) in Cancer Genetics and Oncogenic Signalling

Klinikum Rechts der Isar der TU Munchen

Munich, Germany

Das Klinikum rechts der Isar der Technischen Universi­tät München widmet sich mit 1 161 Betten und rund 5 500 Mit­arbeitern der Kranken­versorgung, der For­schung und der Lehre. Jähr­lich profitieren rund 60 000 Patienten von der statio­nären und rund 250 000 Patien­ten von der ambu­lanten Betreu­ung. Das Klinikum ist ein Haus der Supra-Maximal­versorgung, das das gesamte Spek­trum moderner Medizin abdeckt. Seit 2003 ist das Klini­kum rechts der Isar eine An­stalt des öffent­lichen Rechts des Frei­staats Bayern.

The Technical Uni­versity of Munich (TUM) and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Heidel­berg are seeking a

PhD (f/m/d) in Cancer Genetics and Oncogenic Signalling

Our research interest spans from gene dis­covery to func­tional genomics and signal­ling in cancer, with a focus on both basic and trans­lational topics. We are developing tools for high-throug­hput for­ward and reverse gene­tics in human cells and mice, which we use to unravel the mole­cular principles under­lying bio­logical pro­cesses, such as malignant trans­formation, tumour evo­lution, metastasis or drug res­ponse / resistance. For examples see Nature 2018 Feb 1; 554 (7690): 62, PNAS 2015, Nov 10; 112 (45): 13982 or Nature Protocols 2017 Feb; 12 (2): 289-309.

We offer several positions in the research areas:

  • Cancer modelling in mice using trans­genesis or CRISPR in zygotes or soma
  • Genome-scale screening app­lications in cancer cells, orga­noids and model orga­nisms
  • Signalling in cancer
  • Cancer genome ana­lysis using NGS
  • Trans­lational Oncology

We are an enthusiastic inter­disciplinary team and offer intensive training and mentoring. We use a broad spec­trum of scientific approaches and tech­niques, including func­tional genomics, genome infor­matics, bio­chemical approaches, in vivo mole­cular imaging, and others. We are also running the “Genomics Unit” on campus. The success­ful candidates will there­fore have conti­nuous access to support by sequencing and bio­informatics experts in our team. The proximity to the clinical facilities also allows insights into clini­cally relevant aspects of cancer.

The success­ful candidates will be employed under the umbrella of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) at DKFZ as well as at the newly founded Insti­tute for Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics at the Tech­nical University of Munich ( The Institute is lo­cated at the newly built Center for Trans­lational Cancer Research, TranslaTUM, in the heart of Munich.

Payment is according to tarif (TV-L). We give pri­ority to severely disabled appli­cants with essentially equal quali­fications.

Please send your appli­cation with relevant documents (CV, certifi­cates, recommen­dation letters) as one merged PDF to Prof. Roland Rad (e-mail:

Keywords: Center for Translational Cancer Research German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) Bioinformatics Biochemical Approaches Oncology


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PhD (f/m/d) in Cancer Genetics and Oncogenic Signalling