Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO, United States

A Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Position is available in the Park laboratory in the Department of Molecular Cellular and Development biology at University of Colorado-Boulder. We focus on understanding assembly mechanisms of the 26S proteasome holoenzyme, a molecular machine for controlled protein degradation. In particular, we investigate functions and mechanisms of four evolutionarily conserved chaperones, which orchestrate assembly of the 19S regulatory particle of the proteasome. The following publications are directly relevant to the projects for this position; 1) Li et al. PNAS, 114,1548-1553 2017 and 2) Park et al. Nature 7450, 512-6 2013.

We recently discovered that these chaperones and several new factors together provide novel ‘checkpoints’ during 19S regulatory particle assembly. The prospective Post-Doctoral Fellow will investigate mechanisms by which the chaperones mediate these novel checkpoints through regulating ATP hydrolysis and ubiquitination. My laboratory has established both in vitro and in vivo assembly assays, together with robust genetic and proteomic approaches. The prospective Post-Doctoral Fellow will be mentored to conduct these projects successfully. Our findings will expand our understanding of the ubiquitin-proteasome system, molecular chaperones, and macromolecular assembly. Given that these chaperones are exploited in multiple human diseases, our findings will also help understand pathogenic mechanisms for these diseases. To learn more about our research, please refer to the website (

A successful candidate will be highly enthusiastic and positive with a Ph.D. in any area of molecular and cell biology, genetics, or biochemistry. Individuals with structural expertise are also welcome. My laboratory is highly collegial and collaborative.

The application materials should include 1) a cover letter with a brief description of your previous research, and 2) CV with a list of publications and contact information for three referees. Please, send the application materials and inquiries to Dr. Soyeon Park (E-mail:


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Post-doctoral Research Fellow