Two postdoctoral positions in oxygen sensation

Two postdoctoral positions in oxygen sensation

Umeå Centre för Molecular Medicine(UCMM), Umeå Univerisity

Umeå University, Sweden

Applications are invited for two postdoc positions in the laboratory of Dr. Changchun Chen at Umeå University, Sweden, working on oxygen sensation in the nematode C. elegans. The lab is affiliated to Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) and located in Umeå Center for Molecular Medicine (UCMM). Both positions are of two-year-full-time employment with possible extension, funded by a starting grant from European research council (ERC) (2019-2023). Positions will be available from January 2019.

Project description

The lab aims at delineating the molecular underpinning of O2 sensing, and dissecting the neural circuit controlling behavior in response to O2 variations. Projects running in the lab include the elucidation of how cytokines exert effects on circuit function in the context of O2 sensation, using both C. elegans and cultured mammalian neurons (Chen et al, Nature 2017). Projects involve high-throughput genetic screen, genomics, biochemistry, calcium imaging, optogenetics and RNA profiling of single cells. The lab received funding from European research council, Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine and Swedish Research Council.


The candidate shall have a PhD in a relevant subject (biology, genetics or biochemistry) or be due to complete a PhD within 6-7 months. Priority will be given to highly motivated applicants who can work independently within a highly interactive group. The ideal candidate shall have demonstrated expertise in genetics, cell biology, biochemistry or relevant areas. Previous experience in C. elegans will be a plus but not essential.

Please submit your application in English, combined in one pdf file:

1. A cover letter including your past achievements and research interests
2. A curriculum vitae including publication list and the contact information of two references

For more information, please contact Changchun Chen ( and visit our webpage at (

Please apply via recruiter’s website.