Post-doctoral Position

Post-doctoral Position

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)

La Jolla, CA, United States

Post-doctoral Position

Post-doctoral positions are available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Silke Paust at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

Natural Killer (NK) cells are cytotoxic immune cells and our first line of defense against viral infections and tumors. Members of the Paust laboratory are interested in the development and testing of novel immunotherapies that elicit clinically relevant Natural Killer cell-mediated anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity. Our research program is centered on the discovery that subsets of NK cells are long-lived and capable of antigen-specific immunological memory to viruses and altered self, giving precedence to investigations that seek to exploit NK cell activity to prevent or cure disease. Using pre-clinical models and clinical samples, we are pursuing three specific goals: 1) Identification of the mechanisms by which subsets of murine and human NK cells mediate antigen-specific immunological memory responses. 2) Identification of NK cell-specific immune correlates of protection from viral infection or malignancy. 3) Development of effective, host-protective vaccine or therapeutic approaches that elicit potent NK cell-mediated recall responses in vivo. To enable our studies, we routinely utilize mouse models, xenograft models, and clinical samples for the immunological analyses of human innate and adaptive immune responses.

The successful candidate must be able to work independently, as well as in a team environment, pay close attention to detail and adhere to deadlines regularly. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential. He/she will be detail oriented, self-motivated, a fast learner and possess excellent time management, organizational, written and verbal communication skills. The ability to take direction and use independent judgment to meet experimental goals and deadlines is required. The successful candidate must be able to independently develop experimental protocols and approaches to troubleshoot experimental protocols, perform advance planning of experiment setups, data collection and results for analysis. A strong commitment to experimental goals, career goals and deadlines is required. Therefore, willingness to voluntarily work occasional evenings and weekends is strongly preferred. Positions require successful completion of required training courses (i.e. animal use, radioisotope training, BL-2 safety and general lab and chemical safety training). Prior post-doctoral experience is not required for this position.

Required Qualifications:
• PhD in in immunology, virology, cancer biology or a related life science field
• Experience with the generation and experimental use of mouse models of disease (minimum 2 years)
• Experience with the experimental analyses of murine and human immune cells (NK expertise strongly preferred)
• Experience with flow cytometry (minimum of 8 colors) and flow cytometric data analysis
• Sterile tissue culture and in vitro assays (NK cell-based killing, proliferation, ADCC)
• Standard molecular biology techniques
• Standard biochemical techniques
BSL-2 laboratory and BSL-2 animal model experience
• Advanced immunology and NK cell biology knowledge
• Competent computer skills

Additional Qualifications – strongly preferred, but not required:
• Experience with viral infection models (in vitro and/or animal models)
• Experience with cancer models (in vitro and/or animal models)
• Cell sorting
• Microscopy
• Small animal surgery skills

Interested candidates should send an application packet, including all of the following as a single PDF file by email to Dr. Silke Paust (

1. Cover letter indicating current and future research interests;
2. Expected starting date;
3. Curriculum vitae;
4. Brief summary of previous research experience (2-3 pages);
5. Names and contact information for 3 references.


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Post-doctoral Position