Scientist/Senior Scientist in Mass Spectrometry/ Immunopeptidomics

Scientist/Senior Scientist in Mass Spectrometry/ Immunopeptidomics

Ervaxx Ltd

Oxford, United Kingdom

Job title: Scientist/Senior Scientist in Mass Spectrometry/ Immunopeptidomics

Ervaxx Ltd.

Location: Old Road Campus, Headington, Oxford
Salary: competitive
Contract type: permanent

Ervaxx is a well-funded, early stage biotech, which has identified novel tumour-specific antigens derived from reactivated endogenous retroviral sequences. The company is using this foundational discovery to enable the development of a range of pharmaceutical products including vaccines, biologics and cell therapies. Importantly, these pharmaceuticals are non-personalised and thus able to broadly impact the needs of oncology patients. We are looking to increase the capacity of our immunopeptidomic pipeline to expand the number of tumour types, in which we can confirm the presence of antigenic peptides, predicted from transcripts arising due to dysregulated human endogenous retroelements.

The role
We are looking for a highly motivated Scientist/Senior Scientist who has an interest in applying state-of-the-art mass spectrometry technology in the exciting field of immuno-oncology.

At Ervaxx, we are aiming to develop novel cancer-specific antigens through to clinical application in cancer immunotherapy. Our efforts will in part focus on the interrogation of immunopeptidomic datasets from primary human tissue in order to discover and validate novel cancer-specific antigens.

The candidate will support these efforts to acquire immunopeptidomic data using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry technologies, with close collaboration/guidance of Dr. Nicola Ternette, who is leading the Antigen Discovery group at the University of Oxford.

The successful candidate will be responsible for operation of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry equipment, and sample preparation for mass spectrometric analyses. Bench work will comprise immuno-purification of proteins, enzymatic digestion of proteins and peptide purification techniques. Further responsibilities will be the maintenance of cell lines and purification of antibodies from hybridoma cell line cultures. Previous experience with mass spectrometry is a highly desirable prerequisite.

The position is based on Old Road Campus, Headington Oxford and presents an excellent opportunity for someone looking to translate academic research into high impact clinical applications.

• Participation in the day-to-day operation of a Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer
• Mammalian Cell Culture
• Purification of antibodies from hybridoma cell lines and quality control
• Preparation of MS samples from a variety of sample types including sample pre-fractionation and proteolytic digestion
• Immunopurification of endogenous peptides from a variety of different samples (i.e. patient tissue biopsies, animal specimens, and cell culture)
• Sample analysis and fractionation using HPLC techniques
• Standard laboratory quality control in order to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific investigations
• Accurate performance of laboratory tasks and sample processing with high precision
• Record keeping of all laboratory activities

Selection criteria
• Qualification (Bachelor Degree) in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or analytical chemistry or equivalent technical education
• Basic knowledge of operating an HPLC and mass spectrometer (LC-MS)
• Experience in basic MS sample preparation and analysis
• A responsible nature with a methodical and careful approach to working in the laboratory independently
• The ability to communicate results clearly and effectively and to discuss scientific ideas within the work environment
• An active interest in supporting scientific research
• The ability to work on several projects in parallel
• Excellent record keeping and precision driven work approach
• The ability to work in a team


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Scientist/Senior Scientist in Mass Spectrometry/ Immunopeptidomics