Public Notice for the Post of Rector

Public Notice for the Post of Rector

University of Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal


In accordance with article 86 of Law n.° 62/2007 of 10th September, article 45 of the University of Coimbra Statutes, and the Regulations approved by the General Council of the University, public notice is hereby given to start the process of application for the post of Rector.

1. The Rector is the highest body of University governance and external representation. He/She has a four year mandate that must be served on a full time basis.
2. The application process for the post of Rector of the University of Coimbra is open to professors and researchers of the University of Coimbra and of other national and foreign universities or research institutions, provided that they hold a doctorate and are not yet retired or otherwise made ineligible by the provisions of the law and the University of Coimbra Statutes.
3. Applications, in print and digital form, should be submitted by the applicants themselves and addressed to the President of the General Council along with the following documents:

a) a cover letter giving the applicant’s personal data and contact information, including an email address or fax number for the sole purpose of being notified on matters pertaining to the electoral process;
b) a detailed, signed and dated curriculum vitae and any other documents deemed relevant to the application;
c) a declaration by the applicant stating, on his/her honour, that he/she is not ineligible under the provisions of the law;
d) an action programme, written in Portuguese, for the four year mandate.

4. Applications may be submitted by email to Only complete applications actually received before 5.30 PM on 7th January 2019 will be considered.
5. Further information pertaining to the electoral process – specifically the date, time and place of the public hearing for presenting and discussing the action programmes before the General Council and the election date – can be obtained by following the link below:

Coimbra, 10th November 2018

The President of the University of Coimbra’s General Council (João Caraça)


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Public Notice for the Post of Rector