PhD positions (f/m/d) in Cancer Biology, Immunology and Bioinformatics

PhD positions (f/m/d) in Cancer Biology, Immunology and Bioinformatics

Klinikum Rechts der Isar der TU Munchen

Munich, Germany

Das Klinikum rechts der Isar der Tech­nischen Uni­versität München widmet sich mit 1 161 Betten und rund 5 500 Mit­arbeitern der Kranken­versorgung, der For­schung und der Lehre. Jähr­lich profi­tieren rund 60 000 Patien­ten von der statio­nären und rund 250 000 Patien­ten von der ambu­lanten Betreu­ung. Das Klinikum ist ein Haus der Supra-Maximal­versorgung, das das gesamte Spek­trum moderner Medizin abdeckt. Seit 2003 ist das Klini­kum rechts der Isar eine Anstalt des öffent­lichen Rechts des Frei­staats Bayern.

The Department of Medicine II of the Tech­nical University of Munich (TUM) and the Institute of Trans­lational Cancer Research and Experi­mental Cancer Therapy at TUM and the German Cancer Research Center invite applica­tions for

PhD positions (f/m/d) in Cancer Biology, Immunology and Bioinformatics

at the Center for Trans­lational Cancer Research (TranslaTUM) in Munich.

We are deploy­ing genetic models and bio­informatics including machine learning to study mole­cular, immuno­logical and trans­lational aspects of pan­creatic cancer. One focus in the past few years was the develop­ment of novel pre­clinical models and organoid-based ortho­topic trans­plantation strate­gies to mecha­nistically analyze sub­types of pan­creatic cancer. The focus of the adver­tised pro­jects will be on the identi­fication and func­tional valida­tion of novel thera­peutic tar­gets with a focus on tumor cell intrin­sic as well as inflam­matory path­ways that are required for tumour initiation and pro­gression in vivo (e.g. Nature 2018, 554:62-68; Nat. Rev. Cancer 2017 17:239-253; Nat. Commun. 2016, 7:10770; Nat Med. 2014, 20:1340-7; Cancer Cell. 2013,24:15-29, Cancer Cell. 2013,23:406-20, Nat Commun. 2013;4:1630; PNAS 2011, 108:9945-50).

We are a young and enthu­siastic team and offer intensive trai­ning and mento­ring. The success­ful candidates will have the oppor­tunity to learn a wide spec­trum of genetic, mole­cular and cell biology, bio­chemical as well as immuno­logical and bio­informatics tech­niques. They will be exposed to cutting edge methods to study trans­lational aspects of cancer (e.g. Cre / loxP and Flp / frt based dual- and triple recombi­nase systems, organoid culture, orthotopic trans­plantations of organo­ids, CRISPR / Cas9, molecular in vivo imaging, in vivo trans­poson muta­genesis, RNA and exome sequencing, single cell sequencing, histo­cytometry). They will also be able to gain insights into clini­cally relevant aspects of cancer develop­ment through proximity to the clinical facilities and through the inter­disciplinary compo­sition of our team and closely colla­borating groups.

We are looking for self-motivated bright individuals with a Diploma or Masters degree in bio­informatics, bio­chemistry, biology, molecular / trans­lational medicine or related subjects. Previous expo­sure to and experience with basic bio­chemical and mole­cular biology tech­niques, proteomics or bio­informatics as well interests in mole­cular aspects of cancer research is essential.

Payment is accor­ding to tarif (TV-L). We give priority to severely dis­abled appli­cants with essen­tially equal quali­fications.

Please send your appli­cation inclu­ding a letter of motivation, CV, certificates, recommendation letters in one PDF file to Prof. Dieter Saur (e-mail:


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PhD positions (f/m/d) in Cancer Biology, Immunology and Bioinformatics