Research Assistant / Associate

Research Assistant / Associate

Wren Therapeutics Limited

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Job title: Research Assistant / Associate (drug discovery)
Location: Central Cambridge
Salary range: Competitive salary. Eligible for company-wide discretionary annual bonus plan.

Job summary: Wren Therapeutics Limited is seeking to appoint a talented research assistant or associate for its rapidly growing research division. The appointee will assist in running a busy experimental laboratory and will have specific responsibility, amongst other duties, for the expression, purification and characterisation of recombinant peptides and proteins, including amyloid forming proteins. The appointee will also conduct drug discovery research projects, together with other members of the team, and will contribute to the development and application of new methodologies.

• Assist in running a busy experimental laboratory, including maintaining bacterial strains, designing experiments, and carrying-out both molecular and biochemical assays.
• Take a lead role in protein production and purification, including recombinantly expressing and purifying misfolding-related proteins and peptides.
• Write or contribute to publications or disseminate research findings using other media, including making presentations at conferences or exhibiting work at academic or industry conferences.
• Communicate complex ideas and concepts to those with limited knowledge and understanding as well as to peers.
• Mentor and coach colleagues with less experience.

Skills, qualifications and experience needed:
• Undergraduate degree in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology or a related discipline, at a leading academic institution.
• Specific research expertise in the topic of protein misfolding and aggregation. In particular, experience working experimentally with amyloid forming proteins is highly preferred.
• Extensive experience in the recombinant expression (in bacteria or yeast systems) and purification of misfolding-related and amyloid forming proteins and peptides, using a variety of chromatography techniques (e.g. Akta purification systems, HPLC) and characterisation of their purity using optical spectroscopy, SDS-PAGE analysis and western blotting.
• Experience in site-directed mutagenesis, molecular cloning and other related techniques is beneficial.
• Experience in assisting to run a busy biophysical, biochemical or molecular biology laboratory (i.e. purchasing, maintenance of equipment related to protein purification, DNA/protein stock organisation).
• Fluency in English.

Closing date for applications: Applications must be received by 8th December 2018

Application procedure: Please send a cover letter and CV to

About Wren Therapeutics (Wren): Wren is a spin-off company from the Universities of Cambridge (UK) and Lund (Sweden), focused on drug discovery for protein misfolding diseases. Wren is advancing an entirely novel approach to address misfolded protein targets, based on more than 10 years of research from leading scientists in the field. Wren’s predictive, quantitative platform is built on concepts from the physical sciences and is a fundamental shift from the descriptive, qualitative methods of traditional biology, which have failed to be successful in addressing these complex systems. Wren is using its unique approach to develop therapeutics for multiple neurological and rare disorders.


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Research Assistant / Associate