Research Fellow at Harvard

Research Fellow at Harvard

Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA, United States

Postdoctoral Fellowships in translational research at Harvard Medical School

Postdoctoral Fellowships funded by NIH are available in Drs. Kun Ping Lu and Xiao Zhen Zhou laboratories at Harvard Medical School to study the role of the unique proline isomerase Pin1 in the development and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, cancer, autoimmune disorders and infection, focusing on Pin1 inhibitors and cis and trans-specific antibodies in disease mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment.


Selected references:
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Lu, K. P., Kondo, A., Albayram, O., Herbert, M., Liu, H., and Zhou, X. Z. 2016. Therapeutic potential of antibody against precursor of tauopathy cis P-tau in early treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and brain injury. JAMA Neurol 73:1356-1362.
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Kozono, S., Lin, Y. M., …, Lu, K. P. and Zhou, X. Z. 2018. Arsenic targets Pin1 and cooperates with retinoic acid to inhibit cancer-driving pathways and tumor-initiating cells. Nat Commun 9: 3069. PMCID: PMC6085299

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Research Fellow at Harvard