Associate Scientist II, Biology Core Support

Associate Scientist II, Biology Core Support

Gilead Sciences Inc.

Foster CIty, CA, United States

Associate Scientist II, Biology Core Support

We are looking for an experienced scientist to join the Biology Core Support team. The successful candidate will be responsible for mass spectrometry of peptides and proteins, antibody characterization including glycoprofiling, development of automation workflows for sample prep, and other drug discovery-related needs.

The successful candidate is expected to conduct independent lab work and productively collaborate with other scientists. He or she should be able to think critically about complex problems and contribute to a team-work oriented environment to advance research projects. He or she should possess excellent protein mass spectrometry skills, as well as experience with complex workflows and software packages necessary for data analysis. Extensive experience with proteomic sample prep is required.

Essential Duties and Job Functions
Major responsibilities include, but are not limited, to the following:

• Experience in the preparation of samples for LC-MS analysis including proteolytic digestion, solid phase extraction, enrichment and fractionation.
• Perform intact protein mass analysis, peptide mapping, LC-MS/MS analysis for target ID.
• Operate, maintain and troubleshoot liquid chromatography, mass spectrometers and auxiliary instrumentation.
• Effectively design and implement new SOPs. Acquire and maintain current knowledge of proteomic sample preparation by reading the literature, and attending meetings and conferences.
• Maintain records on location of research samples; schedule work flow for most efficient use of instrument time.
• Employ scientific background and communication skills to professionally support investigators by recommending sample preparation methods, advising in experimental design, and assisting in the analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of experimental results.
• Participates in the development of mass spectrometry-related methods for process science and research programs
• Participate in the preparation of written documents, including procedures, presentations, and proposals, in conjunction with other staff.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills
• Strong hands on instrumentation skills for evaluation and implementation of cutting edge mass spectrometry applications.
• Hands on experience operating and analyzing data from Agilent TOF, qTOF, QQQ mass spectrometer(s) is highly desirable. Knowledge of other mass spectrometry platforms including Thermo is a plus.
• Experience with mass spectrometry of proteins and peptides, including peptide quantitation, antibody characterization, glycan analysis, intact protein characterization, proteomics, phospho-proteomics, differential analysis, and automation platforms desired.
• Experience with skyline, PEAKS, pathway analysis, Spectronaut, or various other quantitative (label and label-free) analysis software packages highly preferred.
• Understanding of co-immunoprecipitation, cellular fractionation and biofluid processing methods a plus
• Extensive hands-on experience with bottom-up proteomic workflows and data analysis is required.
• Must be able to quickly assimilate and apply new knowledge and concepts.
• Be comfortable and independent spending a majority of time doing bench-top science.
• Ability to multi-task in an extremely dynamic environment while providing high-quality analytical support in a professional, pleasant, and tactful manner is a necessity.
• Strong communication & interpersonal skills are essential for success in this collaborative role.
• Minimum relevant industrial experience: B.S., 7+ yrs, M.S., 4+ yrs, or PhD. 0-3 years. Job title will be commensurate with experience.

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