Post-Doc / Innate Immunity, Virology

Post-Doc / Innate Immunity, Virology

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Munich, Germany

Virus Restriction through the Innate Immune System

The innate immune system is one of the most critical barriers to virus infections. The laboratory of Andreas Pichlmair (Institute of Virology, Technical University Munich, Germany) is studying molecular mechanisms involved in the cellular innate immune response. Cutting edge proteome and transcriptome analyses are used as discovery engines to identify functions and mechanisms of proteins and pathways involved in virus-induced pathology.

We are looking for a Post-Doc passionate about science, in particular antiviral properties of interferon-stimulated genes with particular focus on the signaling capacity of membrane-bound receptors. You will study their antiviral properties using mass-spectrometry (interactome, protein expression and phosphoproteome analysis) and more traditional techniques including in vitro and in vivo approaches. You should be passionate of science, have solid analytical thinking, creativity, highly developed experimental skills and a visible publication record. Experience in virology or innate immunity is required, solid knowledge on basic cell biological processes is essential and experience in mass spectrometry and/or bioinformatics are most welcome. Our international research team benefits from your intellectual integration in ongoing research projects and you should be open minded for collaborations.

The Technical University Munich is one of the leading international research institutions on basic medical, cell biological and infection research and one of the largest Universities in Germany. The research group Immunopathology of virus infections (head: Prof. Andreas Pichlmair) is embedded in the Institute of Virology, medical faculty at the Klinikum rechts der Isar.

Prof. Andreas Pichlmair

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Further information can be found at:

Recent publications of the group:
Scaturro et al., Nature (2018) PMID: 30177828; Holze et al., Nature Immunology (2018) PMID: 29255269; Haas et al., Plos Path (2018), PMID: 29709033; Gebhardt et al., Nature Comm (2015), PMID: 26382858; Habjan et al., Plos Path (2013), PMID: 24098121; Pichlmair et al., Nature (2012), PMID: 22810585; Pichlmair et al., Nature Immunology (2011), PMID: 21642987; Pichlmair et al., Science (2006), PMID: 17038589 …


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Post-Doc / Innate Immunity, Virology