Postdoctoral Positions in Nuclear Envelope and NPC Biology - Koehler Lab

Postdoctoral Positions in Nuclear Envelope and NPC Biology - Koehler Lab

Medical University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria

How are gigantic nuclear pores inserted into an intact nuclear envelope?
What is the biological function of fat storage inside the nucleus?
How is nuclear protein quality controlled in health and disease?
Each of these questions in different ways addresses the structure and function of the nuclear envelope, the signature organelle that distinguishes eukaryotes from prokaryotes.
Our goal is to understand how the nuclear envelope enables eukaryotic cells to protect, decode and regulate the genome. We approach these questions from two angles: first, by exploring the structure and function of various macromolecular assemblies like the nuclear pore complex (NPC) and second, by analyzing the mechanisms that regulate nuclear lipid dynamics and membrane shape. We combine biochemical reconstitution with structural, proteomic and genetic studies as well as high-resolution microscopy, to fuel our search for fundamental discoveries. Projects are available in all of the aforementioned areas.

Recent examples of our work are:

Romanauska A & Köhler A. CELL (2018).
Gallego LD et al. PNAS (2016).
Schneider M et al. CELL (2015).
Mészáros N et al. DEV CELL (2015).

We are looking for enthusiastic scientists, who want to solve challenging problems in biology with us. We expect a high level of motivation, ability to think out of the box, openness to learn new techniques, and a collaborative mindset. You should have obtained your PhD recently or expect to complete your PhD soon. A demonstrated scientific excellence with at least one strong published or upcoming first author paper is required.

The Koehler lab provides a stimulating environment for successful scientific work with minimal technological or financial obstacles. You will benefit from a range of excellent core facilities at the Vienna Biocenter ( Lab funding includes an ERC Consolidator Grant and a NOMIS Pioneering Research Grant.

The Max F. Perutz Laboratories are located at the Vienna Biocenter Campus (, a leading biomedical research location in central Europe. The Max Perutz Labs are home to scientists from over 40 different nationalities with English as the working language. Vienna was named as city with highest quality of life in the world (Mercer survey) for the ninth year in a row. Childcare facilities are available on campus. The position is endowed with a competitive salary.

Please submit your CV, a detailed statement of research interests and contact information for 2-3 references. The position is available for 3 years or more. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email. The positions are open immediately.

Send correspondence to: Prof. Alwin Koehler
For more information see our website at:


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Postdoctoral Positions in Nuclear Envelope and NPC Biology - Koehler Lab