Post Doctoral Research Position in Neuroscience

Post Doctoral Research Position in Neuroscience

University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD, United States

The Gaudry Lab is excited to be recruiting for a new postdoctoral researcher. Prospective candidates should contact Dr. Gaudry via email and attach a CV and brief statement of your current research and future goals. The ideal candidate will have a strong publication record and experience in patch-clamp electrophysiology or imaging. However, we are also interested in applicants with experience in fly genetics, molecular biology, or animal behavior. Along with the opportunity to conduct exciting research, postdocs will also have the chance to mentor both graduate and undergraduate students if they so desire. The Gaudry lab is an ideal place to learn and utilize cutting-edge techniques such as 2-photon imaging, in vivo patch clamp electrophysiology, and quantitative animal behavior. We are currently using this wide range of techniques to explore how modulatory neurons that span broad regions of the Drosophila brain regulate olfactory coding and olfactory mediated behaviors. The lab has a number of exciting ongoing projects giving candidates the opportunity to explore their interests.
The lab is located at the University of Maryland, College Park. This is a thriving research environment with a large campus emphasis on neuroscience. We are also conveniently located to other major research institutions, such as Johns Hopkins and the NIH. In fact, the Gaudry Lab has numerous collaborations at the NIH and takes part in the NIH Drosophila neuroscience seminar series. The University is also located near vibrant Washington, DC which provides entertainment and culture for researchers in the College Park community.

Ph.D. in neuroscience or a related field is required. Some experience in physiology or imaging is a plus. Basic programming (Matlab) experience is expected.

Interested applicants, can email Dr. Gaudry directly at with a current CV and a description of their research interests.


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Post Doctoral Research Position in Neuroscience