Research Technician - Anatomy and Histology

Research Technician - Anatomy and Histology

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Ashburn, VA, United States

Job Description


Summary:  We offer an opportunity to join the dynamic research environment of the HHMI Janelia Research Campus as a full-time research technician in the Anatomy and Histology Shared Resource. The person hired for this position will provide standard services such as tissue collection, histological sectioning using vibratome, cryostat or microtome on fresh frozen, embedded and fixed tissue specimens and immunohistochemistry. Additional challenges may come from providing specialized services such as in-situ hybridization, isolation and growth of primary cell cultures, fluorescence microscopy and image analysis as well as developing specialized protocols and procedures. Critical to this position are a “customer centric” attitude, a passion for science and the ability to work closely with Janelia lab heads, project scientists, visitors and staff.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Perfusion and tissue specimen collection.
  2. Histological sectioning using vibratome, cryostat or microtome.
  3. Immunohistochemistry
  4. Isolation and growth of primary neuronal cell cultures
  5. Ability to work with large sample collections and maintain data sets.
  6. In-situ hybridization.
  7. Configure, operate and maintain specialized equipment.
  8. Troubleshoot procedures and assist in implementing modifications to research protocols.
  9. Prepare and present written and oral progress reports concerning studies; assist with the assembly, organization and interpretation of results.
  10. Train others in the proper use of laboratory equipment and technical procedures.
  11. Assist scientists with access and use of the shared resource.


  • Performs assigned research tasks ranging from routine to complex procedures related to histology
  • May be asked to develop new technologies or adopt protocols from other labs.


  • Works independently and manages multiple aspects of research projects. Plays a critical and central role in the success of this shared resource.
  • Processes large sample sets and maintains organized records.




  • B.S. in life science


Preferred Qualifications:



  • Prior experience performing histology in a lab environment or core facility.
  • Experience with animal models.
  • Candidates with experience in neurobiology will receive special consideration.
  • Ability in managing long-term projects and/or project teams.
  • Demonstrated skill in standard histological procedures such as perfusion, tissue specimen collection, histological sectioning, and immunohistochemistry.
  • Experience with molecular histological methods such as fluorescence imaging, in-situ hybridization.
  • Prior or current experience with isolation and maintenance of primary neurons.
  • Capabilities in cell culture that include maintenance, transfection and imaging of cell lines.


Skills and Abilities:

  • Candidate should be familiar with MS Office tools such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Attention to detail and maintaining accurate lab notebook.
  • Ability to balance multiple requests and assignments.
  • A customer service mindset that includes strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team effort and as an individual contributor.
  • A willingness to learn new techniques and procedures.

Physical Requirements:

  • Long periods of standing or sitting at a biosafety cabinet and/or lab bench.


  • Regularly uses fine motor skills to handle repetitive movements such as pipetting cells into multiple plates and aliquoting samples.
  • Occasionally lifts and/or carries objects weighing up to 20 pounds.
  • Occasionally reaches and grasps with arms and hands.
  • Work involves possible exposure to bio-hazardous materials.
  • Flexibility to work weekends and holidays when needed.



HHMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Required Skills

Required Experience

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