Biochemist / Molecular Biologist - Research Associate

Biochemist / Molecular Biologist - Research Associate


Toulouse, France

Evotec is a leader in the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs with operational sites in Europe and the US. The Company has built substantial drug discovery expertise and an industrialised platform that can drive new innovative small molecule compounds into the clinic. In addition, Evotec has built a deep internal knowledge base in the treatment of diseases related to neuroscience, pain, oncology, inflammation, metabolic diseases and oncology. Leveraging these skills and expertise the Company intends to develop best-in-class differentiated therapeutics and deliver superior science-driven discovery alliances with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
We are seeking a highly motivated Scientist with a strong background in oncology, deep expertise in DNA related processes (repair, transcription, replication, epigenetics…) and excellent knowledge of the biochemical and molecular biology techniques applied.


Under the responsability of the Team Leader « DNA repair and epigenetics » within the « In Vitro Biology » department, you will be in charge of the following tasks :

  • Support all aspects of drug discovery from target validation to translational science (for internal and third party projects), using your cell biology, biochemistry, target identification, assay development and drug discovery expertise in oncology.
  • Autonomously design, schedule, budget and follow up of drug discovery projects.
  • Involvement in all aspects of drug discovery
  • Establishment of project proposals
  • Design and set-up of new assays
  • Execution of the experiments
  • Close interaction with technicians and engineers within the team and the department
  • Collaboration with other departments at Evotec (High throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, proteomics, in vivo pharmacology , …)
  • Presentation of the data internally and externally
  • Exploration and implementation of various innovative biophysical, biochemical and/or cellular assay platforms compatible with in vitro pharmacology small molecule compounds characterization and the corresponding data analysis workflows.
  • Collaboration with a multidisciplinary research team in an exciting, fast-paced discovery-oriented environment, and at the interface of several departments and sites.
  • This is initially a hands-on position with ~80% time at the bench.


  • Communication, collaboration and team-working skills.
    *Autonomy and pro-active behavior.
  • Rigor and creativity


  • Minimum PhD in Molecular biology or biochemistry (preferred)


  • A strong background in oncology, especially in molecular mechanisms of cancerogenesis, treatments and formation of resistances.
  • A deep understanding of biochemistry and molecular cell biology is mandatory.
  • Expertise in a broad range of biochemical and molecular biology DNA related methods (ChIP, RIP, RTqPCR, CRISPR…) together with a track record of successfully developed assays (biochemical and cellular) is required.
  • Ability to design research projects including short-term and long-term experimental plans, assessment of requirements and follow up (timelines, costs, deliverables)
  • Work well independently and able to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to organize and communicate complex data sets in a clear and concise manner to key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.
  • Expertise in the field of oncology, drug discovery and target identification is highly desired.


  • Fluent in English, and ability to speak French required


  • 3-5 years of post-doctoral experience desired
  • Experience in pharmaceutical industry or biotechs would be a plus
  • Records and accomplishements in project management with clients/partners is preferred.

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