Senior Group Leader

Senior Group Leader

University of Oxford, Ludwig Cancer Research


Ludwig Cancer Research at the University of Oxford is seeking to recruit a Senior Group Leader (equivalent to Associate Professor) with research interests in infection, inflammation and cancer epigenetics to head a research group relating to cancer biology. The post holder will have primary responsibility for the development, management and strategic direction of a significant research group. Ludwig Cancer Research provides significant resources including core funded posts, consumables and equipment budgets.

Research within the Ludwig Oxford Branch focuses on engaging scientists and clinicians to investigate the challenges of cancer from the risk of disease through to treatment. Our research groups have strong overlapping interests yet maintain diversity, enabling the effective sharing of ideas and technologies. By working together the scientists maximise their research potential.

Ludwig Cancer Research is based at the Old Road Campus, the largest campus of the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division. The campus houses more than 2000 scientists exploiting the unique collaboration opportunities offered by the biomedical research institutes on campus and the adjacent hospitals. The Medical Sciences Division is a world leader for medical research, teaching and knowledge transfer with unrivalled resources and opportunity for translational research.

Please apply via the University of Oxford online recruitment website—-Infection,-Inflammation-and-Cancer-Epigenetics

The closing date is Friday, 30 November 2018

Please apply via recruiter’s website.