DMPK Specialist

DMPK Specialist

Inflazome UK Ltd

Great Shelford, East Midlands, United Kingdom

Company Summary:

Inflazome Limited is developing first in class, orally available drugs to address clinical unmet needs in inflammatory diseases, such as Asthma, Arthritis, IBD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Disease, with composition of matter and medical use IP coverage for new chemical entities that effect potent inhibition of inflammasome-driven release of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL1-beta/IL-18. In addition, they block innate immune cell pyroptosis (uncontrolled lytic cell death), a process that drives chronic inflammation

Inflazome has made thousands of molecules in an NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor program. Efficacy has been shown in more than 50 animal models of inflammatory disease, many cross validated by assays with ex-vivo human tissues. Inflazome has established a leading IP position having developed current best in class drug candidates that block activation of one of the hottest drug targets this decade: based around the inflammasome.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced drug discovery scientist to manage Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics and in vivo pharmacology activities from our office at Great Shelford in Cambridgeshire, UK. The individual will have extensive experience working as part of Discovery project teams and in the development of PK/PD relationships in both peripheral and CNS disease indications.

Key Responsibilities

1. manage Inflazome outsourced DMPK activities at Contract Research Organisations

2. design and implement in vivo pharmacology studies with external partners

3. manage toxicokinetic studies with Inflazome Development Candidates

4. establish methods for assessing PK/PD relationships with Candidate compounds

5. contribute to development of translatable biomarker strategies across a range of disease indications

6. coordinate NDAs, MTAs, proposals, Work Schedules and other documentation required to execute external collaborations

7. assist the VPs of Pre-Clinical R&D and Clinical and Regulatory Affairs to collate and curate data required for regulatory submissions

8. assist the VP of Preclinical Development to plan and execute preclinical development operations, project resources, budget and timelines for all assigned programs

9. contribute to overall strategy within Inflazome programs

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

• Extensive experience and track record of success working in a leadership role as part of drug discovery teams in the pharmaceutical industry
• Broad understanding of drug discovery and development processes
• In depth experience and expertise in all aspect of DMPK including in vitro and in vivo ADME assays, mass spectrometry and bioanalysis, pharmacokinetic data analysis, metabolic pathways, drug-drug interaction risks, PK/PD modelling and human dose predictions
• Experience of multiple routes of administration (oral, dermal, ocular) would be an advantage
• Strong project management and leadership skills
• Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills


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DMPK Specialist