Faculty Positions at School of Geography and Ocean Science at Nanjing University

Faculty Positions at School of Geography and Ocean Science at Nanjing University

Nanjing University

Nanjing, China


The School of Geography and Ocean Science (SGOS) at Nanjing University is China’s leading research and education institution in geography and ocean science. It addresses the disconnect between the availability of limited environmental and natural resources and social and economic development by tackling tough issues in Earth surface system science, and cultivating quality academic leaders in the field.
Regarded as China’s ‘cradle of geographers’, SGOS began with the geography department established in 1921 by renowned geographer and climatologist, Zhu Kezhen. Many prominent geographers have been taught here, who have become leading figures in Earth science and geography, including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, as well as technical experts and management professionals in governments and enterprises.
SGOS has forged a reputation for research excellence since its early years. Among its high-impact works include Zhu’s study on the East Asian monsoon climate, Hu Huanyong’s proposal of the line that divides China by difference in population distribution (the Hu Huanyong Line), and Zhang Qiyun’s research on historical geography. Since the 1980s, SGOS has made great advancements in research on the change of natural environment, river and hydrologic processes, coastal landforms and deposition, cartography, GIS and remote sensing technology, urban planning and land use planning.
SGOS now focuses on promoting research on Earth surface system, including geomorphic processes and environmental evolution in monsoon and dry Asia, Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica; coastal processes and development; climate change and the origin of Ice Age; and the use of remote sensing to study global change. It is also active in research on land resources and use, tourism geography, resource and environment of the Yangtze River region.
With a line-up of quality faculty members, SGOS has recorded many new achievements. It has undertaken cutting-edge research programmes supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, as well as multiple major international collaboration projects. SGOS has established a series of platforms to support research activities ranging from field data collection to lab testing and data analysis. Efforts by SGOS faculty and students have yielded more than 400 academic publications annually, including 200-plus in quality international journals.
Each year, SGOS recruits more than 110 master’s students and 50-plus doctoral students, who benefit from the strong teaching and research programmes of SGOS.
SGOS is pursuing excellence and innovation by integrating ideas. It is making great strides towards a world-class centre in geography and ocean science research and education. Talented researchers are welcomed to join SGOS to help create a sustainable future.
For more details on SGOS and our research, please visit our website: http://sgos.nju.edu.cn/


SGOS is seeking outstanding scientists for the positions of Senior Professor, associate professor and postdoc researches at physical geography, human geography, remote sensing and geographic information system, coastal ocean science, and surface Earth system science.

Senior Professors (open)

Candidate should hold a professor position in world-renowned universities or institutes, with outstanding multidisciplinary research capacities as well as strategic vision and leadership capacity to steer the future direction of the related fields listed above at SGOS.

Associate professors and postdoc researchers (open)

Candidates must have a Ph.D degree and have sufficient research experience to demonstrate both significant accomplishment and outstanding potential. Candidates with independent extramurally funded research program, a track record of publications in leading peer-reviewed journals are encouraged.


SGOS offers very competitive starting package as well as salary and housing subsidiary. In addition, SGOS also offers excellent core facilities, substantial running-cost subsidiary and outstanding students.


Please submit your application materials including curriculum vitae, brief summary of previous accomplishment and future research plans, three letters of references to Mrs. Yuji ZHOU, Secretary of Human Resources, at zhouyuji@nju.edu.cn
For more details, please contact Mrs. Yuji ZHOU at zhouyuji@nju.edu.cn or 025-8968 2686, 8968 0671 (tel)

This call is valid until the positions are filled.


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Faculty Positions at School of Geography and Ocean Science at Nanjing University